Friday, 19 October 2007

Kim Yun-jin bares back at Korea Movie Star Awards

World star Kim Yun-jin stole the show when she arrived at the Korea Movie Star Awards in an elegant pale gold evening gown with a very low-cut back. The dress revealed her shapely back and had a little butterfly ornament which ended dangerously low.

The event was held at Kyongsang-Bukdo, South Korea on the 19 October, 2007.

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Tan said...

Whoa.... the front look innocently enuff but the back.... whoa...

inquinn said...

besides the absolutely low cut bareback, y did she choose that bulky heels? or are they platforms?

Sara said...

I think a gold stiletto heel with strappy tops would have worked better. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

what the heck...those shoes totally ruined the entire outfit!

Anonymous said...

Yunjin Kim is better looking than this photo and talented actress.
She should be proud herself representing her country so well.
I like her glamerous shining gown except that it almost looks as though she is wearing an some kind of helment and dressed sort of like an roman warrior outfit???
What happend to her beautiful longhair? I also heard that most of the real top famous actors were at the wedding reception instead and they were not present at the korea movie star awards event at all.
Good move Yunjin kim... Good chance
to shine.. steal the spot!!!

Anonymous said...

Yunjin Kim is a beautiful very
talented actress.
Hope continues success in her acting career...
Yunjin Kim is handling herself really great with all the rumors and scandals about her being embarressment sending wrong Korean image...


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