Saturday, 13 October 2007

Korean men love their beanie

The other day, i was at a mini-market and from the corner of my eye, i saw an Asian man, wearing a beanie. I did a double-take and thought to myself "No Malaysian man would wear a beanie, it must be a Korean guy." And sure enough, when i took another peek, he looked like a Korean!

Malaysian men hardly wear the knitted cap. But I have noticed, that Koreans wear it a whole lot. They just love it! When they are having a bad hair day, or just don't want to style their hair, they put it on. Don't you agree?

Here i leave you with three of Korea's hottest men sporting the very popular beanie.

Se7en in a bright green beanie.
I love the over-sized safety pins on the side. Nice touch!
[Click on image to view larger version]

Kwon Sang-woo sporting a grey beanie & pink shirt

Bi in all black!

Guys, what are you waiting for? Go get one already. ;-)

Ladies, do you like your men in a beanie?

Pics credit: YG Entertainment,, StarNews

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rooster said...

Oh, I'll have to disagree. My man can't leave home without his beanie unless he is going to the office. He says wearing it tames his unruly Chinese porcupine hair.

rooster said...

Oh ya, what do I think... I think it's cool, I like beanies myself. BUT I also think Malaysia is too hot for beanies!

Orchid said...

Oh yeah...i know you'd disagree...cos i saw your man wearing a beanie in one of the photos...Did he wear it in Msia as well?

But here in Malaysia you don't see many guys wearing it. Ya partly because the weather is so hot and humid! But then even though it is hot, the Korean man who came here was wearing it. hehehehe...So maybe once you are used to it, you will not want to go out without it. ;-)

inquinn said...

i was expecting a picture of the guy at the mini market u took secretly. haha. just to confirm right. hmm, of course beanie is such a rarity in malaysia but it's prolly a korean thing too. u hardly ever, or at least, seldom, see that here in the UK

Orchid said...

inquinn: my mobile phone does not take very clear pics. ;-)

yeah the beanie is a Korean thing huh? i've seen a lot of American hip hop singers wear it too. But for Asians...Koreans are the ones who wear it a whole lot.

Anonymous said...

Just because that bloke wears a beanie means he is a Korean? LoL and believe me a lot of mainland Chinese dudes especially the Northern boys who emulate S.korean fashions look just like another korean dude.

Orchid said...

Anonymous are you saying the beanie is a South Korean fashion staple? That was what i was trying to get across. :-)

rooster said...

Yea Orchid, he wore it in M'sia too. It's like a security blanket. haha!

I've seen other guys wear it around KL, the hip-hop ghetto wannabes.

They're out there Orchid, but I know you only have eyes for K boys. ;P

Liz said...

I would wear a beanie myself. And I'm NO man...;-) said...

I've got a thing for Korean men wearing beanies myself! Mmmm!


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