Thursday, 11 October 2007

Lee Byung-hun and Jackie Chan pool buddies?

On Oct 9, Lee Byung-hun was caught playing pool with none other than action superstar Jackie Chan.

The Korean actor was in Hong Kong again for his latest movie project I Come with the Rain, which is a French production that also stars Josh Hartnett and Shawn Yue.

The 37-year-old heard that Jackie Chan just returned from Singapore and asked to have dinner with him.

Chan obliged and the pair (and their entourage, I bet) headed to the Emperor Happy Valley Hotel (owned by the Emperor Entertainment Group) for dinner and entertainment.

Mr. Lee only got back to his hotel around 2am. Oh, the Korean star won the game :-).

Source: Everything Lee Byun Hun @ Soompi
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Lee Byung-hun 'Comes with the Rain'

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Anonymous said...

Jackie had some intimate ties with Korea, especially before he got real famous and the fact was that he had a Korean gf for like 7 years if i aint wrong.I heard he could speak korean.

Seong Rryung!

Liz said...

Oh wow, really? Me didn't know that! Ha ha. Cool.


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