Thursday, 4 October 2007

Lee Min-ki's new drama - Evasive Inquiry Agency

Are there any fans of Love Truly's Lee Min-ki (이민기 ) reading this blog? Well, we know there's one big fan of his * wink * wink *. If there's no one else who fancies him, then this post is especially for you (you know who you are!)

Lee Min-ki's new drama on KBS2
starts airing in Korea on 8 Oct 2007

The 22-year-old Korean actor will be in a brand new drama called Evasive Inquiry Agency.

Korean title: 얼렁뚱땅 흥신소

Evasive Inquiry Agency (
please tell me what this means if you know) will be aired on KBS2 on 8 October 2007. It has 16 episodes in total and will be aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:55pm in Korea.

The stars were at Hyatt Hotel on 01 Oct to kick-off the drama

Lee Min-ki dresses like he's a cast in the historical
fantasy drama -
The Legend with Bae Yong-joon

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jl said...

cutie minki has a new drama!!
looking forward to seeing the drama...
the pictures look fun!

Liz said...

Does Lee Min-ki harbour dreams of becoming a Jedi? He looks like he's wearing a Padawan costume in the second pic.

Anonymous said...

May the force be with you, young Padawan Minki.

Work hard you must.

in`vincible said...

my most awaited drama of the year!!! ^o^ / it's actually minki's gift for me~ lolll /

the title doesn't necessary mean anything~ or at least that's what i think... the drama is about the life of '4 people + 1' who happens to meet at an 'inquiry agency' then they started 'a quest?' <- that's how i understood the news i read before~ sorry if wrong korean is not my first langauge, ne!

anyway, from the drama promotion pictures where minki dresses up as cap't jack sparrow and the other lead girl dresses up as trinity from the matrix... they said that this drama is going to be different (don't they all, ha!) - instead of focusing on love they will focus more on the lives of those people - like what you see isn't always what you get - this time around no one's a son/daughter of a tycoon who is very sick that just came back from abroad and will be married to a person he/she only met once! *whew* now isn't that interesting!!! :)

i really enjoyed watching all minki dramas even the drama city ones so i hope that this drama won't disappoint me! minki is a great actor and i hope he'll be recognized more because of this new project! <333

ok, i'm done!

Orchid said...

IN'vincible, thanks for the info on Minki's new drama. Yes, i did see someone dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow but did not know it is Minki! Hahahaha...


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