Thursday, 11 October 2007

Maxim's October '07 cover girl

Hubba hubba! Hey guys, say hello to 24 year old model Ryu Seol-mi (류설미) posing for the October issue of Maxim Magazine Korea.

Ryu Seol-mi is a contestant(?) on the third season of I Am A Model currently airing on Mnet in Korea, a reality show that looks much like Tyra Banks's America's Next Top Model except the competing girls all seem to already be successful models. What is it about? I can't read hangul! Argh!

There's not much English info on this lass... actually there isn't ANY info in English on her. If you can enlighten us about Ms. Ryu or the show she's on, please do!

Pic Credit: Egloos

Saucy Stephanie
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Anonymous said...

Anyone can buy me a Korean Maxim when they go to Korea?

Anonymous said...

she's very pretty, aleast she's not as skinny as the american models... that's GROSS!!!


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