Monday, 29 October 2007

Miss Korea, please be modest

Modesty seems like a thing of the past on the red carpet today. Reigning Miss Korea 2007 Lee Ji-sun (24) appeared at the inaugural Chungmuro International Film Festival recently, dressed in a yellow-orange creation which brought a vibrant splash of colour to the red carpet, but the dress also showed off a lot of skin.

What do you think? Is such blatant exposure suitable for a reigning beauty queen representing her country? Or was it a fashion
faux pas?

Source & pic credit: Osen

Stars at the inaugural Chungmuro International Film Festival

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kpop_rub said...

I think she had a false sense of security that those streamers hanging off the back of her dress were going to keep her covered-- haha

fraulein said...

This comment has nothing to do with the post but i just wanted to say I think Jeon Do-yeon shld be the next south korean to grace the cover of Time. Winning best actress at the Cannes film festival is the highest accolade they can give her! Even though i adore Rain and think he has done Asia really really proud too !

Oh ya, do u think u could dig up some stuff and write abt Tablo? I've been hearing a lot about him lately. Plus he collaborated with Lee min-koo recently, not to mention that powerful rap sequence on rain's "I'm Coming"

Some news on Big Bang wouldnt hurt too, their "lies" tune is ringing in my head all day = D

Thanks for hearing me out ; )

Liz said...

My goodness, what unflattering shots of Lee Ji-sun!

There's a limit to being tastefully sexy and this outfit just crossed the line...into mere awkwardness.

Orchid said...

Hi Fraulein, noted the feedback & comments. Thanks! :-)

Mawee said...

its not sexy at all~ it's inappropriate.. and too revealing.. hehe


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