Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Ok So-ri denies affair with Italian chef

Ok So-ri, the actress who allegedly cheated on her husband with an Italian chef, has emerged from hiding.

The Hero Diary actress, who quickly disappeared from public after her divorce made headlines, held a press conference on Oct 28 to address the allegations hurled at her by her business partner Baek Jong-eun.

Baek, who co-owns a bridal consultation company with Ok, told reporters recently that the actress' affair with the chef broke up her 11 year marriage to Park Chul.

Now Ok has hit back at the allegations and said that she only took English and cooking lessons from the chef. However, she confessed that she had an affair with a singer named Chung instead. Their steamy affair lasted only three months in 2006 because loverboy spoilt everything by asking to borrow large sums of money from her.

Ok then continued to air more dirty laundry in public by revealing that she has always been unhappy in her marriage. One of the main reasons was that Park Chul was always in debt.

When interviewed the following day, Park retaliated against the accusation by saying, "It is groundless and she has no evidence."

The actor/ radio host went to say that he knew about his wife's affair long ago and will be suing her for two cases - Chung and the Italian chef.

"I've already sued her for adultery. I was angry and sad after seeing her press conference," he said.

In Korea, adultery is against the law.

As of today, Park has not only filed for divorce from Ok, he has also filed a criminal suit against her for adultery.

The pair have an 8-year-old daughter.

Source & Pic credit: The Korea Times

Scandalous Ok So-ri

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Tan said...

Wow... this is going to get uglier... more dirty laundry...

Don't they consider their daughter's feeling???

rocketfuel said...

It's obvious the guy wanted to it to get uglier, otherwise he wouldn't have let his friend speak like about their personal life.

It's a snowball effect and the husband is an ass...and adultry should't be illegal in Korea. One of the dumbest laws out there.

Anonymous said...

Ya, so he's a jerk, an asshole and he's out to getback at his wife....

He's a lousy husband but he didn commit adultery..

She said her marriage was unhappy n found love in another man's arms but backed out once he started borrowing from her..........We should pity her but she stil committed adultery when she knew tat it was illegal in korea, so who's to blame....

Out of all tis drama, nobody has taken the daughter's feelings into account, her parents r to be known as the sad divorce tat turn ugly, she will always b scarred from tis fact...........

Now who's the most pitiful one..........

Anonymous said...

She's hot.


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