Sunday, 7 October 2007

Rain brought sexy back in Shanghai

Ah, i was so relieved to see pictures of Rain at the Shanghai concert (6 Oct. 2007). So glad it wasn't canceled at the very last minute. :-)

Korean pop sensation Rain (비) performed at Hongkou Stadium, Shanghai to 20,000 screaming fans last night. Fans came from all over China, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The Rain's I'm Coming World Tour Shanghai concert was a success.

What, you mean you were not there? Okay, take a look at these pictures then.

Rain says "'I'm back" and bursts onto stage like the
'ball of energy' that he is

His trusted dancers and friends were there to back him up

Rain works the crowd and communicates with his fans in English.
He sweet talks the ladies saying..."You are all my 'babies' tonight".

A little corny, but who cares...the crowd goes wild.

Bi sings "In my bed" - telling his fans how he was
betrayed by his girlfriend

Rain's signature performance - he takes a shower in public while
singing the heart wrenching tune "Nan" making all the ladies out

there hyperventilate. This song is lethal i tell ya. ;-)

Rain lifts his shirt and busts a move to "I'm Coming"
the title track of his 4th album (Rain's World)

Rain dons a Chinese inspired costume and does
the "drunken master" dance in one of his songs

The Chinese audience were so happy to see this,
they brought the house down

Rain sings "Friends" - the song specially written for him
as a World Vision ambassador

Bi takes a bow and says, "감사합니다 (Kam-sa-ham-ni-da) -
Thank You Shanghai, it was a pleasure"

PS: K-popped! was not at the Shanghai concert. If you were there, please share your experience with us. :-) Thank you.

Pic credits: Newsen, Sina

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Liz said...

Oh yeah, baby. SWEET!!!

Tanni said...

yeah great to hear that he did really good! Go Rain oppa!!

rainbowlove88 said...

ahhhhhahhhahhhhahhhhahhhahhha Opppppaaaaaaa! *fainted*


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