Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Rain reports on Traffic in documentary

In Aug 2007, we brought you news about Rain joining the battle against human trafficking through MTV Exit (End Exploitation and Trafficking).

The documentary entitled Traffic is currently available for download in three parts at MTV Exit's website under the Asia Pacific subsection.

The program is based on real individuals and features:

1) Anna - trafficked from the Philippines and forced into prostitution.
2) Eka - an Indonesian woman trafficked into forced domestic servitude in Singapore.
3) Min Aung - a Burmese trafficked to Thailand and imprisoned for 2 years in a factory.

The Energizer Bunny narrates in Korean. No subtitles available.

Source: MTV Exit

Rain joins fight against human trafficking

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1 Comment:

fraulein said...

eeekks the story about the indonesian girl tricked into coming into spore doesnt sound good.

will this be aired on MTV asia tho? anyone knows??


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