Monday, 22 October 2007

Rain rocks Lotte showcase

Rain wows fans with his moves

On Oct 20, the Energizer Bunny gave his second last performance (the last being the upcoming concert at Daegu) at the Lotte showcase.

As usual, the 25-year-old teased his many screaming fans by shaking his booty and showing off his abs and pecs. The star also tamed the fungus growing on his head by tying it up into a semi ponytail.

Come on, people. Let me hear you scream!

The Energizer Bunny shows off his ponytail and
tells everyone not to make fun of it.

Do I look fat to you?

Rain thanks his fans and promises to do something
about the fungus on his head soon.

Also, it is said that Rain is looking for the Next Big Thing, so if you think you've got the chops to become a superstar, then kindly make your way to Rain's newly-launched website. You can participate in an online audition to be in the running for stardom.

It's a pretty sweet deal as the Energizer Bunny himself will be your mentor. Need advice in handling a difficult situation pertaining to work? Just make a phone call to Rain.

Shucks, too bad my only talent worth boasting about is balancing an egg on my forehead. Hey, Rain, think I'll make the cut with that kind of talent?

Source & Pics credit: Bi/rain @ Soompi

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fraulein said...


I like the pics.. thanks = D

Orchid said...

Rain looks hot in black & white!

The pony-tail is quite nice. Yeah. No, he does not look fat to me. =)

The Lotte Family Concert looks very happening. Nice pics. Thanks Liz!

ksw said...

What "plastic-ky" jacket is he wearing?

Anonymous said...

Why is he shaking his booty at a Family Concert?

fraulein said...

he shakes his booty EVERYWHERE!
tsk tsk..

Liz said...

Yes, what would we all do if Rain stops shakin' his booty? I for one will start a campaign called "Save Rain shakin' booty from going extinct for all womankind" or something like that.

Liz said...

I wish I could accept the thanks, but I can't. Your gratitude should be directed to the fans at soompi :-). They rock.

rainbowlove88 said...

I dunno but Oppa gets hotter and hotter everytime I see him! Sarangahaeyo oppa saranghaeyo!

Orchid said...

i read on moveonwithbirain (blog) that the Daegu concert (Fraulein, i think it will be a full fledge concert!) will be like a National event. South Koreans are excited about it and officials from Daegu will be attending. =)

Bi Fighting!

brian said...

Good thing the tour has come to an end. He needs a new repertoire!!!

Anonymous said...

Who will fly to Daegu for the last I'm Coming Concert?

fraulein said...

I'd love to : )
* heart shaped above the head gesture k drama style *

fraulein said...

Much as I adore rain, I think he needs brand new dance sequences repertoire is getting old

Hands up who is sick of that I do twirl the cap sequence ?

N no he’s not fat or pudgy despite what ppl say

check out the fine torso n shoulders

rainbowlove88 said...

I love Oppa with all my heart, but yah, i have to agree. All the things he do same and boring already.


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