Sunday, 28 October 2007

Rising Gods kicks off 2nd Asia Tour

TVXQ (a.k.a. Rising Gods of the East) kicked-off their 2nd Asia Tour with a series of concerts in Seoul, Korea from October 26 - 28 at the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

The Dong Bang Shin Ki boys, Korea's top boy band performed
to 11, 000 excited fans on the 28th Oct 2007
afternoon at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Ouch my back! Leader of the group Yunho
kept vigorous dance moves to a minimum

Fans were looking forward to the concerts, but also worried for leader of the group, Jung Yunho (21) because he injured his back during the concert rehearsal on the 25th Oct. Despite the fact that his injury takes 3 - 4 weeks to recover, he was on stage, but kept the vigorous dance moves to a minimum.

Yunho stole the show - injury and all

On the first night, many of the fans were surprised because at one point, Yunho ripped his shirt off and pulled it back, exposing his chest, abs and shoulders! (Malaysian fans, don't get excited, don't think Yunho or any of the other guys will get to do that over here.)

The other boys had to restrain Yunho from over exerting himself

I do hope Yunho gets enough rest in-between their concerts to recover. Maybe TVXQ's plan to swim laps in an aquarium during their performance in their Malaysian concert will be good physio theraphy for him. ;-)

Xiah, Mickey, Hero, Max and U-know
in their ultra cute cartoon tees

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inquinn said...

haha. yea, of course they will never get to do that here.

which makes me wonder- so are they gonna swim in full diver suit? :)swimming in one of those elaborate stage costume will definitely be troublesome won't it? they'd probably drown in no time

Orchid said...

inquinn! i was thinking the same thing...swim in the large aquarium in full diver suits. so not hot! :-P


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