Sunday, 14 October 2007

Se7en thanks fans for Love Notes

Last month (Sept 2007) we told you that Se7enth Heaven, Soompi and Khype organized a "Love Notes" for Se7en project.

Se7en is currently in the States, working on his English album. Thus through this project, fans can send the K-pop singer encouraging messages or just tell him how much he is missed.

The organizers compiled all the Love Notes sent by fans in a neat black ringed notebook.

Se7en was touched to receive the messages and he personally wrote thank you notes to Se7enth Heaven, Soompi and Khype.

Check out Se7en's thank you message and flamboyant signature below.

Credit: Khype
Special thanks: starcrystal

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symphony said...

YEY. i was part of that!
*makes me feel better*

rose said...

Awww Se7en, your welcome. Saranghaeyo!

Anonymous said...

Awww man if i knew about this a year earlier I would have done it too!!!(gloomy) *sigh*


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