Monday, 15 October 2007

Top 10 stars of the hallyu...

... according to the Korea Times.

Why isn't my sexy Hyo-ri on there? What do you think? Do you demand a recount or are they right on the money?

NUMBER 1: The not so manly sensitive Bae Yong-joon
NUMBER 2. Bi (Rain) the Energizer Bunny
NUMBER 3: Model turn actor Song Seung-hun
NUMBER 4: "Make the girls go ga-ga" Kwon Sang-woo
NUMBER 5: Talented Yoon Eun-hye
NUMBER 6: Perpetually pinched nosed Choi Ji Woo
NUMBER 7: Pop princess BoA
NUMBER 8: Simply lovable Song Hye-kyo
NUMBER 9: Prince charming of the Y Generation Hyun Bin
NUMBER 10: The Jewel in the Palace star Lee Young-ae

Source: The Korea Times
Pic Credit: Asia Fanatics Gallery

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Orchid said...

Woo hoo...thanks for this entry Rooster! Yeah, they are certainly "hallyu" stars because i know everyone on the list. ;-) So their popularity has reached our shores.

Glad to see Bi (Rain), Hyun Bin, KSW on the list. Yeah, wonder why Bae Yong-joon is at #1 and Lee Hyo-ri isn't in the top 10. Maybe Hyo-ri needs to do the pong pong pong dance more often. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dude those guys they chose are hot hot hot.

Liz said...

I think it's a good list since K-popped! has profiles on ALL the stars listed.

If you can make yourself known to a trio of Malaysians who knows nothing about Korean entertainment before Jan 2007, then you are certainly a Hallyu star! :-)

Gail T. said...

i agree that they're hallyu stars because, as orchid puts it, "their popularity has reached our shores."

but it's not my list...

Orchid said...

Who's on your list Gail?

Anonymous said...

Song Seung Hun hottt!! He's hot like fire. He and Song Hye Kyo really got do a drama together again. loved their chem. in AIMH

Gail T. said...

lol, orchid. actually, i haven't put out a list of my top hallyu stars yet. but i can tell they will be filled by handsome oppas. hehe.

i have a related list of top love-teams on my blog.

brightstar said...

Prince charming of the Y Generation... I like the sound of that. =)

Orchid said...

Hey Gail,

Read your blog entry. Liz and i are actually watching My Girl now!! We will see the final episode soon. hehehehe

For those who want to view Gail's entry, click on the link below (easier way). If not you have to copy and paste properly (for the link Gail provided above).

Gail's fave Love Teams

Gail T. said...

how do you like my girl?

Liz said...

Hi Gail, just finished watching My Girl yesterday and I like it.

Lee Da-hae is hilarious as Joo Yoo-rin. And yeah, Lee Dong-wook plays the icy, brooding lead well. But for me, Lee Da-hae's the star in this one.

Orchid said...

Gail, i don't like My Girl that much. It's ok only for me.

I don't like the fact that she keeps lying till the very end. :-(

Lee Da-hae looks like Malaysia's Amy Mastura (singer). ;-)

Gail T. said...

heehee. i love lee da hae. she just makes me happy because she seems like a genuinely happy person. :) not everyone loves my girl as much as i do. she does lie till the end. :(

fraulein said...

cld it be because lee hyori isnt a drama actress? k dramas are big business and propel the hallyu wave.

fraulein said...

I know who !

Kim jae-dong


Linda said...

I agree with all the folks selected to be the top ten; however, I disagree that my sweet heart RAIN was #2! He should be #1. =)

n d s v n t h said...

i like
hyun bin
song seung hun
kwon sang woo
so,when i see this
im just smiling... :)
not to mention...
*clap2* oppas are there!

yeah.,,,prince charming of Y generation!
walla...i like how that sounds too!

Joyce said...

wow, thanks for the post.. hehe i love some of the actors in the list. but still i was wishing (& hoping) that gong yoo was part of it.. hehe by the way, i really love your blog, one of the best sources for anything k-pop hehe :D.. aja! aja!

Rooster said...

Thanks Joyce! :)

ana said...

hyun bin oppa!! why no 10?? ok, at least, he's still in the list. :)

Yujin said...

Ah love that. So true. They really are the top stars. I know all of them! AND i love them. BYJ,no.1! Oh yeah. I knew it. Back off,haters! I mean,losers!xD


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