Monday, 8 October 2007

TVXQ concert tickets on sale

Tickets for the TVXQ concert in Malaysia on Nov 24 is on sale at Axcess Tickets, friends. The concert will be held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur at 8pm.

Ticket prices are (as stated on the website):

  • RM503 (free standing)
  • RM423
  • RM323
  • RM283
  • RM183 (free standing)
  • RM103 (free seating)

Concert seating arrangement

Hit the bolded link above to make your bookings! It's "Hot Selling" so get there quick before all the tickets are snapped up ;-P.

Pics credit: CMG Absolute Entertainment & Axcess Tickets

TVXQ Concert in Malaysia - Stage Construction
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TVXQ in Malaysia on Nov 24
TVXQ profile

TVXQ tops Japanese music chart

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balloon- said...

i really want to go to the concert..!! but i dont think my parents will allow me to go there.. anyway, are u guys going??

Liz said...

Hello balloon,

We are still not sure whether we are going :-(

Tengoklah nanti. Kalau ada rezeki, bolehlah pergi ;-).

Orchid said...

Hey all, if you want to chit chat and share your EXCITEMENT on the coming TVXQ concert, come to our Facebook K-popped! TVXQ discussion thread.

See you there!!!

Midge said...

People you are lucky...they'll be in the same city at least. LoL.
Why couldn't it have been over the summer when everyone's back home and everything.??? T_T

Hehehe. To anyone who's going...have fun! And pictures definitely!

Tan said...

Hi K-popped,

Just wondering, where else can I get the tix apart from Axcess Tickets???

Liz said...

Hi Tan,

I just checked with a CMG Absolute rep and tickets to the TVXQ concert can also be purchased at a ticketing counter at Sungei Wang concourse :-).

Tan said...

Gee... thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi.i'm kinda new here
i'm planning to buy the tickets..
but i hv another concern..
i am from Penang n i am going alone..
Is anyone one of u going too?
can i join?
i dun wanna b alone.
so kesian watching the concert alone

Tan said...

I tried buying tickets from Ticket Axcess but there's a booking fee of RM10. So, in additional of paying RM3 for processing fee, you'll need to pay another RM10 per booking.

Since I dun want to pay the extra RM10, I went to Rock Corner in MidValley to get the tickets but still have to pay RM3 for the processing fee.

Liz said...

Excellent news! Thanks Tan, that means we still save RM10. Cool :-)

Orchid said...

Hi Anonymous from Penang:
If you don't want to go to the TVXQ concert alone and want to know who else is going, make friends and talk about the concert, go to the K-popped! TVXQ Concert Group discussion on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

When i tried to search the net to purchase DBSG ticket, i came across asteria DBSG, who claims tat they r the international fans club and they have reserved tickets at VVIP zone..issit true? cos i plan to buy thru them..but i just need to confirm..
dun wanna get cheated..

Anonymous said...

Pit zone better ot VVIP zone better?
both the tickets are at the same price..
which one should i buy?

Orchid said...

Anonymous, have forwarded your questions to the concert organizers. Will let you know when there's a reply. Hang on ok.

momoe said...

me & my frens are going, but we'll be sitting at zone E. the tickets price increased exponentially compared to last year :) but it'd be fun watching them since they're great performers.

Anonymous said...

hey all, does any1 of u guys know whether they'll be having any press conference or short performance, fan meeting etc. anywhere in kl or in malaysia other thn d concert?

Anonymous said...

i haven't heard anything about that.
well, come to think of it,
i think it isn't fair if there's none for us. they had those in shanghai, taiwan. and will be having one in thailand. why not Malaysia?
let's just hope and pray there'll be one.

but then again, for them to come and do a concert here is already a.. WOOWWW! xDD

-anonymous no.2-

Anonymous said...

please click that.
it's the plans for what should the fans do during the concert.
and help to spread it around ;)

credits: kpopkingdom + mytvxqzone

Anonymous said...

i dont know if it's just my computer but the image link isn't complete.
so here.

Orchid said...

Tips when buying tickets:

Pit Zone - standing

VVIP Zone - sitting

Orchid said...

Anonymous: is there another version of the image where we can get the Instructions on what to do at the TVXQ concert?

When i click on that link, the image that i see is very small...tiny in fact.

Can you provide another link?

Anonymous said...

hi, im new here...
juz discovered dbsk early tis year
they rock thats for sure
about their consert on the 24, for sure i cant go, so its really kewl if sumone can tell me where to find the recording vidoe of their concert or is it gonna be on astro?

n 1 more thing... are all the ppl here girls? no offence but kinda akward

Anonymous said...

Hi i just got 2 tickets from my that for the TVXQ concert. It is a Martell Zone, Special. Is this at the Pit Zone or the VVIP zone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry is DAD not 'That'

Po Leen said...

I've the same tickets (martell Zone). I wont be able to make it so last chance to those who wanna go. I have 2 tickets for sale.


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