Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Anycall Anyband Concert

Samsung's Anyband gave fans a time of their life when they performed their first concert on 27 November 2007. The concert was held at Central City Millenium Hall in Seoul @ 7pm. Here we bring you photos of the concert!

Anyband (from left: Xiah, Jinbora, BoA and Tabl0)
sings T.P.L (Talk Play Love), Promise You and Daydream
at the concert.

Xiah and BoA singing in harmony.
's Xiah Junsu is on a roll...
he keeps dueting with hot women.

BoA woos the crowd, but i don't
particularly like her frilly outfit.

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu mesmerized
the fans with his charisma

Tablo (Epik High)

Jinbora on the violin

Wait a minute...
Micky, Hero, Max & U-know were there too!
The rest of TVXQ joined Xiah at the concert.

Glamor boy Hero clad in black leather
pushes the guys
away and takes center stage!

View Anyband live in concert video clip at MyDaily

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kpop_rub said...

OOo I haven't seen anything from this yet. OMG BoA please find a better stylist... That dress is hideous >_<

Pully said...

Oh. I'm weird. I like her outfit though, not her (never dig BoA, both voice and look, I just can't).

inquinn said...

to echo what i said about junsu being talented, here's a fancam of him singing kangta's memories during the concert


garhhh *faints* what a good vocalist! junsu's a legend! and everytime i hear him sings, i would remember this one show where one of the songwriters actually commented that junsu is so gifted, and he has nvr gone off-tune. ever.

drop said...

omg tablo is so freaking adorable, i don't even know where to start


Dottie said...

Dear all,

Just my personal two-cents. I really do not see it what's up with BoA and how come she's so popular so Pully, I agree with you!

But TVXQ I love!Junsu's voice is amazing through and through! I mean, mind-blowing!

Pully said...

@dottie: yeah, the only reason I reading the news of Anyband is because of Junsu. Gotta love his voice. He's my fav in DBSK.

***Also my 2-cents.Personally, I even prefer Hyori over BoA, at least Hyori has a sexy, bitchy style. BoA, nothing...average vocal, average look, average songs..blah. Yeah.

kpop_rub said...

awww Doesn't seem like there is a lot of BoA fans round here! I like BoA <3 still the dress! NO
My mom hates her though~ Cuz I made BoA a sign at a concert and made my mom hold it... She never looked our way haha My mom will never forgive her.

Liz said...

Ha ha ha kpop_rub, your Mom's so sporting! :-)

Anonymous said...

If you don't like Boa, that's one thing....but trying to figure out why millions of people do is pointless. At times like that though, shouldn't it make you wonder how you are missing out?

As for Boa, she is a very smart girl who has a talent for performing and singing. She works her butt off as a performer and doesn't dilute herself into different media outlets just because she looks good. If you prefer Hyori over Boa just because she's prettier then you really shouldn't be judging on what is average considering how Hyori is a below average singer.

Boa has powerful voice and if you can't hear that, you must think Britney Spears doesn't lipsynche.

Lastly when Boa wakes up, she makes "average" songs into gold records...very few artists more talented than Boa can ever do that.


blinkable said...

Oh no special mention on the masked guy?? *LOL* I just watched the concert yesterday...

whatever made BoA agreed to her outfit in the first place...and boy must have been a very hot night?? All of them were sweating like mad!

Yeap totali agreed on JunSu's awesome vocal <3

Dottie said...

Dear blinkable: hehehe, the masked guy... That's funny... Kinda sad too that Yunho not performing though... He's my favorite... Well, that was before I saw Junsu filling his shoes...
The boys sweat a lot eh? I think Changmin sweats the most... Sometimes I amaze myself at the frivolous/inconsequential/idiotic trivia I thrive on...


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