Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Ha Ji-won wins Golden Chest award

The lovely Ha Ji-won won the Best Actress award at the 32nd Golden Chest International TV Festival for her lead role in the KBS drama Hwanjini.

The 2006 drama, which started airing in Korea in October, is currently being aired on Malaysia's NTV7.

The Golden Chest International TV Festival, which ended on Nov 3, was held in Bulgaria and is hosted by the country's broadcasting commission to boost cooperation between world TV broadcasters and seek mutual understanding in drama production skills.

Source: KBS Global
Pic credit: HanCinema

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1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

I like Ha Ji-Won.
Enjoyed very much watching her Dramas..
She has great performing..talent as an actress.
Best Wishes to beautiful Actress
Ha Ji-Won!


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