Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Honey's boob job

Did Miss Korea (Universe) 2007 get a boob job?

Honey Lee denies having plastic surgery but is not against it. Oh really? She did not have any work done? Well, either my eyes deceive me, or she did have some enhancements done.

Check out these pictures of Lee during the Miss Korea pageant in 2006 (left) and her swimsuit photos at the Miss Universe 2007 pageant (right) in Mexico.

Did she get breast implants? According to Harper's Baazar magazine (Oct 2006), Sweden is emerging as the hot spot for natural breast augmentation, with Dr Carl Troilius leading the way. The director of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons prefers to use cohesive gel implants (still not widely available elsewhere) as they are designed to last a lifetime and have a no-leak guarantee. Inserted through a three-centimetre cut in the armpit, his work is discreet and minimally invasive. Most patients are able to return to work just after one day.

Since breast implants are such a minimally invasive procedure, well, i bet more and more are going for it. Do you think Honey Lee went for it? Or is that a magical bikini top she wore at the Miss Universe pageant?

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Anonymous said...

Magic bikini top. Don't know if youve had a lot of experience in the bikini field but there are many ways to fake it, and many ways to fake not having it. The pink on is one way to fake not having it, it pushes them back and away, its incredible she has ANY boob in it. Second one looks like a pushup padded. Im certain throughout my bikini experience I would definately say they are the same boobs in two bikinis.

Anonymous said...

I can do that too. it's not that hard. besides, everyone at beauty pageant stuff their boobs

Anonymous said...

"I can do that too. it's not that hard. besides, everyone at beauty pageant stuff their boobs"

true that!

kpop_rub said...

LOL like anyone is gonna admit having plastic surgery. Every plastic barbie would love for you to believe she was natural.
I have to see more pictures to decide but boob jobs are so common with beauty queens these days.. just like former Miss USA Tara Conner (sp) I have never seen a girl THAT SKINNY with boobs THAT HUGE--- either she's an anomaly or she had her boobs done. I'm going with the latter. As for honey, I guess a really good padded bikini top and tape could do the trick, I've seen wonders with drag queens but odds are she prolly had work done.

Anonymous said...

"THAT SKINNY with boobs THAT HUGE--- "
Clearly you've never been to Arizona.

Anonymous said...

just as kind of a side note... the doctor mentioned, dr carl trollius from sweden... he is in prison now for raping a 23 year old patient...apparently among other things. not all the dangers of implants are in the brochure. be careful girls and google the heck out of the doctor before you decide


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