Thursday, 1 November 2007

Human LCD Display

Armed with just a double sided jacket, a colour tee and a mass of soccer fans wearing the same thing - this is what you can achieve:

Samsung, you're so passe. This is technology with raw emotion.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! now I have a newfound respect for human banners. BTW, sorry if i sound like i've been living under a rock, it's just that I don't watch sports, but are they part of the marching bands? Anywayz, they did an awesome job..thkx K-popped; it's actually unexpected but pretty refreshing to see other than the usual celeb posts..once again, keep up the good work guys *thumbs up*

Rooster said...

Thanks ~A!

Actually, I'm not a sports buff myself, so I couldn't tell ya. But this is some pretty awesome stuff huh?

Some sites imply that they're just dedicated school boys cheering for their teams. Perhaps it is like the marching bands or cheerleading squads.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! at first the video didn't load so I had no clue what you meant by human lcd but once i watched the that's so crazy how they did that. i wonder how long it took them all to practice getting it right =)

inquinn said...


i've seen a few of similar stuff (don't we have one during merdeka every year?) heh. but nothing *this* amazing though. this is brilliant

Liz said...

Hey inquinn, yeah, I've seen something similar to this done in Malaysia. Yup, they had something like this during the recent Merdeka celebrations.

I think it started with the Commonwealth Games in 1998.

A team from the Sokka Gakkai organisation formed the human LCD display then. I remembered because a friend of mine was part of the display and it was the coolest thing at that time.

But the one in the video here is something else altogether. So impressive...I like the tiger in motion formation. :-)


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