Monday, 5 November 2007

K-popped! in Beijing

Two-thirds of the K-popped! Trio crossed the oceans in the wee hours of the morning today to reunite with the K-poplet.

Dawn breaks while K-popped! was still thousands of feet in
the air. Yes, those are clouds.

If you don't know what the heck we are talking about, suffice to say that the K-popped! Trio (now more "complete" than ever) is taking a brief break from monitoring the Hallyu in Malaysia, but will be zeroing in on all things Korean in Beijing!

Yes dear friends, do bear with us for the next couple of weeks as we bring you Chinese-flavoured K-popped! reports.

First up is a stall selling Korean foodstuff at Carrefour, a French international hypermarket chain. We stumbled upon it while doing a little grocery shopping today.

The Korean foodstall in Carrefour, Beijing

The Korean stall sells an assortment of kimchi and other foods which I don't even know the names of :-P.

Chinese lady in a blue hanbok talking shop with
another lady

The ladies manning the stall donned hanboks and one of them was even preparing bibimbap!

The other lady manning the shop was busy
cooking :-)

Stay tuned for more! But for now, excuse us while we go thaw ourselves by the heater.

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inquinn said...

wow..! it's not cuti sekolah is it? will be looking forward to ur next break, to hallyu's country of origin perhaps? ;)

kpop_rub said...

Oh wow Beijing sounds like a fun and exciting city. Seeing the Chinese girls in Hanbok reminds me of the Japanese tea garden in San Francisco with Chinese girls in Kimono hehe so very cute ^_^
Have fun and make sure to keep us up to date!

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!! You guys have so much fun you burst and dont eat too much food!!! Without me, that is.


Orchid said...

Brrr...Beijing is freezing compared to summer-all-year-round Malaysia! Yeah... ~A we are eating lots of good food ...especially in the cold weather. =)

Plus we are nearer to Korea! Fighting!!

Anonymous said...

You have to check out Wudaokou & Wang Jing to find the 'Little Korea' in Beijing. There are lots of Korean restos run by Koreans & frequented by Koreans there. A few Korean celebrities were spotted there on & off.

Anonymous said...

Just to let u guys know that China has its own Korean population numbering around 2 million, known as Chosunjok.

fraulein said...

Enjoy ur trip !!

U're there to study mandarin, perchance?

sasjo said...

More pics!

And videos! :P

blinkable said...

great that you girls went to China and had fun there! Just a qs tho, why not go to Korea in the first place?? *LOL* Perhaps next year?? Maybe all of who have been kpopped can go together! *finegrs crossed*

Liz said...

blinkable, we went to Beijing because our beloved Rooster is there :-).

Anyway, according to Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Seoul is the 3rd most expensive city in the world. Lots of saving up to do and what not.

A rombongan K-popped! (K-popped! excursion) to Korea? Ha ha ha that would be interesting.

blinkable said...

uhm rooster is a msian at Beijing?? Or a Beijing local? Sori I didnt kno *haha*

Rombongan K-popped I want!!^^

Liz said...

hey blinkable, join our Facebook group and you'll find out about Rooster.

You'll find the info you want here.

Rooster said...

Heya blinkable, I'm a M'sian living in Beijing.

You'd be surprise how many Malaysians live in Beijing. All here in the search of making more moolah. Heh heh...

blinkable said...

uhm that would mean I hv to join facebook~la rite? I lazy to open an acct cause then I feel oblige to keep up..already so jam-packed d. will see how *hehe*

oh rooster making "moo" at Beijing! *LOL* supposed to "crow"?? =P I am a "rooster" too hmm perhaps I should go "moo" at Beijing as well ^^


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