Monday, 12 November 2007

Korean snacks from Wudaokou

The K-popped! Trio ventured to Wudaokou earlier this week and one of the stops we made at the Little Korea of Beijing was a mini mart called Green Tree.

Here's a peek at what caught our fancy while browsing at the food shelves:

Pepero chocs and loads of heart-shaped boxes for your sweetheart

Even the onion rings keep on Hwaiting!

We got a box of almond & chocolate Pepero and a cup of
Maple Cappuccino flavoured with cinnamon

K-popped! is in Beijing, check out what they are up to:
Lunch at Wudaokou
Korea star sightings in Wudaokou
Travelling to Wudaokou in Beijing
Song Hye-kyo on the cover of Chinese Cosmopolitan
K-popped! in Beijing

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fraulein said...

Hahaha, the "hwaiting" onion rings had me in stitches. These koreans add "kwaiting " to anything and everything, huh?

I love the lotte peppero chocolate sticks = )

Liz said...

Hey fraulein, I like the peppero choc sticks as well. Love the crunchy almonds on it...yummy :-)


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