Thursday, 8 November 2007

Paris Barbie arrives in Korea

American heiress and socialite Paris Hilton (패리스 힐튼) arrived on 7th November afternoon at South Korea's Kyonggi-Do Kimp'o airport.

The Hollywood celebrity is the face of FILA Korea and will be in Korea for 5 days to promote the sportswear brand.

Paris Hilton in pink arrives at Korea
looking very much like a Barbie doll

An-nyeong everybody!!
When in Korea, do as the Koreans -

Hilton poses like the Koreans

How do I look? Am I too sexy for you?
Hilton was of course dressed from head to toe in FILA.
White FILA beannie, white sweat suit and shocking pink parka,
down to the white shoes and plasticky Fila bags.
To get the look, rush to the nearest Fila outlet.

Her mountainous luggage. Check out the pink one!

Gosh, I just love all the attention I am getting!

Ms Hilton, enjoy your stay in Korea.
Don't forget to eat lots of kimchi!

Pics credit: Newsen, Osen

For more:
Paris Hilton's 1st ever press conference in Korea

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brian said...

I love Paris Hilton! She is so stylish. Now that's what I call style with a capital S.
Paris, you can come to my city any day.

blossom said...

I want her FILA parka!

kpop_rub said...

i like her purses
all that luggage for 5 days? jeeeeez

Anonymous said...

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penny said...

O, i dont like Paris Hilton..dont know how to say about her...


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