Saturday, 3 November 2007

Seo Taeji to make a comeback

Now Rooster can relive her angst-ridden teenage years because Seo Taeji is making a comeback in 2008! His 8th album drops in March.

Seo Taeji's back to rock you!

But before that, the 90s pop idol will cause a quite stir in the Korean music industry by releasing a 15th anniversary album on Nov 29 and holding a concert in December.

The 35-year-old will go solo as his band "The Boys" will not be returning with him. Yang Hyun-suk for one is too busy running YG Entertaiment ;-).

Seo Taeji's new album concept is being kept a secret.

Source: KBS Global
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Seo Taeji profile

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Rooster said...

He has just released his 15th Anniversary Album which costs 97,000WON (RM355!!).

Curious to see what comes out in March '08. Very eclectic, 'tis guy is.

Chosun Ilbo article on Seo Taiji

Liz said...

Wow, so expensive one his album. Are you kiddin' me? how many discs are there in this 15th anniversary album?

Rooster said...

The album supposedly is a compilation of his entire career as Seo Taiji to date. That's about a decade of music I think.

Wow, even the Beatles Anthology album didn't cost that much. But back then I got the cassette and video tapes. hee hee


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