Wednesday, 21 November 2007

TRIVIA: The ab shot

Whose famous abs is in the picture below?

Answer will be provided soon...c'mon, take a guess!

Update: 22 Nov

Oh wow! i am happy to see so many responded to this trivia. Usually no comments or only one or two.

Okay okay, i shall not keep you guys in suspense anymore. But to fans of this hallyu star, this is easy peasy, i am sure you've seen these photos everywhere!

Yes it's none other than the "Energizer Bunny", Rain - Bi (real name Jung Ji-hoon).

The photos were shot in a desert in LA. Rain models for
Calvin Klein Jeans (and it looks like underwear too) and shows off his hot bod in the pics. Yup, right again, these photos are from December 2007's issue of Cosmo Men.

Yup, those abs you see above?
They belong to me babeah!

Look at those oiled well-toned arms.
Yeah maybe he did hit the gym in LA. ;-)

Here's a butt shot for ya

I'm really sweating in these clothes in the desert.
But gotta act cool...

Ack, please forgive those black Phua Chu Kang boots.
The stylist forced me to wear 'em.

Source: Newsen

Check out:
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Rain takes break to recharge, more Spain pics

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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Son Ho Young...if it's's photoshopped...

kpop_rub said...

I agree Rain has a lil pooch to his tummy lately! I'm thinking Son Ho Young!

Jo-e said...

its rain !!!! i'm like 100% sure !! its for the CK shooting right ? the pictures are in the Cosmopolitan Magazine December Issue..can see it from many rain fans forum

rainbowlove88 said...

no one else but my oppa. he and calvin klein friends.

Caryn said...

but rain's waist got tht tiny meh. looks really slim u know

drop said...

bi~ (rain)
cosmo men, right?

hanie said... i am struggling whether its a he/she ab, u guys already guessing with name....

inquinn said...

true. i thought it's a she cos this person looks VERY skinny it's almost scary. but if a girl has this kind of abs, then *hats off*

kulet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
fraulein said...

Rain !! Who else?
You're not fooling this diehard bi fan = )

kulet said...

it's our dear energizer bunny Rain! its from the calvin klein ad shoot, found inside cosmo men december 2007 issue..

cristina said...

Rain.. but only if he suddenly lost like 30 pounds XD

Orchid said...

Answer for The Ab Shot is out!

Liz said...

Bi rocks! Kiss me already!

Caryn said...

y so slim one???

Orchid said...

It has been reported that this Calvin Klein Jeans photo shoot has been a success. People responded very well to the ads and it immediately became the talk of the town.

"Rain reveals his sexy torso" - i'll bet it would be the talk of the town if you see those ads in our neighbourhood.

Well, for all that work, Bi pocketed a cool 600 million won (USD648,600 or MYR2 million).

Not bad for an afternoon of posing in the hot LA dessert. It's not easy - trying to look cool and sexy , modeling winter wear in hot dessert temperature.

Well Bi, no pain no gain right?

ladida said...

yes, orchid, & I'm happy for him; it's nice to know that he's still the CF king ;-> ...i hope he continues to do more work w/them in the future AND I like to see more of his poses in LV wears - he looked so stylish, sophisticated & sexy in Vogue


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