Thursday, 22 November 2007

TVXQ Concert in Malaysia - Stage Construction

Thanks to Michael Sin, the official photographer of the TVXQ concert, we bring you the scoop on TVXQ's (The 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O") stage construction at Stadium Merdeka.

Work on the mega stage structure started on Friday (16 Nov) by Malaysian technicians. On Tuesday (20 Nov), Korean engineers and technicians were flown in and they will work closely with local (Malaysian) technicians.

Many people work hard behind the scenes to bring you (the fans & concert goers) a spectacular show.

Take a look at pictures of the stage construction.

The mega stage, with roof still lowered

The understage pass

Hydraulic lifts from under stage... one for each of the boys. Woo hoo!

Fuse & power supply for stage lightings.
Gosh look at the amount of power it takes to put up
a show like this.

Engineers checking the overall stage

Late evening view of the main stage area

Less than two days before Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) performs in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aren't you all excited?

If you want more pics of the stage still under construction, pop over to The Babyboss Story.

Source & pic credits: Babyboss Pictures

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Anonymous said...

u guys are great!! many thanks for publishing latest news 2 us...which i find very interesting...

i accidently browsed the net which i came across the K-popped ..keep up the good work!!.

By the way have u ever notice one of our Malaysian singer by the name of Nicholas Teo, his feature looks more alike to korean actor Kim Jae Won .. do u agreed?

Anonymous said...

When will DBSK arrive in KLIA? Anyone knows?

Liz said...

Hi Anonymous, welcome to K-popped! :-). Yeah, Nicholas Teo looks Korean. He was in that Pasta somethin' drama, right?

hanie said...

*sporting 5yrs old cry*
seems i can only watch the great pic (promise me its a great pics k!!) from u guys..
i out of town this weekend.. :(

inquinn said...

thanks k-popped! wah can only look at the pics with jealousy

bet the stage will turn out great, or even better than last yr

havfun to those going! i'm excited for u guys too!

Anonymous said...

ohh niiiice =D thanks for the sneak peek lol cant wait for tomorrow. oh? i thought it is indoor? but the pictures doesnt looks like indoor to me

Orchid said...

Yeah, sure looks outdoors!

I don't know...cos i have not been to a concert at Stadium Merdeka before. If it is outdoors, i pray it does not rain! :-)

Yes! Tomorrow is D-day!

Dottie said...

Hello K-Popped! You guys are awesome! I'm fairly new to TVXQ! but I went to the concert... Everything was great... Except I feel that they were very detached, as though they could not wait to leave... Anyways, your pics are great. Thanks for sharing!


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