Saturday, 3 November 2007

Wheesung says Love is Sweet :-)

I really dig this song by Wheesung. Have seen it on Pops in Seoul for the past few weeks and it a rocks. What a happy and cheery track.

Enjoy. The song entitled Love is Sweet (사랑 맛있다) is from the singer's latest album Eternal Essence of Music.

Oh and before I leave, the 25-year-old R&B singer sure loves his Calvin Kleins, huh? ;-P

Pic credit: Wheesung Official Home

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LW said...

Ah first! Thanks for posting this...he needs some "promotion" LOL

He's going to come out with his 2nd promo song too...which will be Track #4, Even If You Get Hurt. I'm waiting for this MV to be release!

janey_bei said...

This posting is a little old but I still thank your site for publishing something about wheesung. I just love this amazing singer. This song is also widely known as Love is Delicious... but i think the best song in the album is Love Hero.


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