Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Who is Cha Soo-kyung?

No, not the hardboiled detective from the 2007 drama H.I.T (히트) but an up and coming diva. K-pop netizens are dubbing her the next Mariah Carey and after viewing her videos taken in a recording studio, it's easy to see why.

Cha Soo-kyung singing Mariah's "My All"

Cha Soo-kyung singing Mariah's "Emotions"

Hardly any information is out on this songbird, however, there's word that her debut may be happening soon. Perhaps this interview below will shed some light - but alas! - it's in Korean. Anybody up for some translation help? *grin*

Cha on how she was discovered
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Liz said...

Wow, the young lady's got great talent. Sweet!

Tan said...

Whoa! She sounded just like Mariah that's it's freaking.

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!!!!!!!look out MARIAH....LOL....I AM DEFINETLY GOING TO BE WATCHING FOR THIS YOUNG TALENT....I AM NOT INTO MANY OF THE KOREAN FEMALE SINGERS....BUT THIS ONE IS REALLY favorite female singer is BIG MAMA KO...haven't heard anything from her in quite a while...she reminds me of QUEEN LATIFAH and ARETHA.....PEACE

Anonymous said...

She's great!

Anonymous said...

She's the former lead singer from the group Daisy.

If anyone doesn't know who they are, they debuted in 2001 with a tight ass song, "Alone" [check it on YouTube]. They didn't garner much popularity and their label didn't really do much for them. They eventually broke up.

I'm so glad she's still doing amazing things with her voice.

martin said...

hi!...could someone give me some info about her?...

lav her music..

Anonymous said...

Does she have a website or forum?


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