Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Xiah & Jang Ri-in sing Timeless in KL

Does the pic bring back memories of TVXQ's concert last Saturday night? It's of Xiah and Jang Ri-in singing the lovely ballad Timeless.

Jang Ri-in (or Zhang Liyin) was TVXQ's guest singer at the band's The 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" on Nov 24. The 18-year-old gal is the first Chinese solo artist to break into the Korean music industry. She is signed with SM Entertainment, the same company as TVXQ.

K-popped! has prepared a review of TVXQ's concert, but we're waiting to get our hands on some great photos first before publishing it, so please be patient and stay tuned :-).

Pic credit: SM Entertainment

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Anonymous said...

hi......it's me again from the USA...that song is soooooo beautiful...and the two singers really brought alot of feeling to the song....again i don't understand the language...but i enjoy good music....does the young man have a CD out or does he sing with a group?would like to start a folder on him.....i make scrapbooks of a lot of Korean K-POP ARTIST....would like to include him. until nexttime

Anonymous said...

I love that song.

Hey person from the USA, most people are who read these types of blogs. You should learn the language.


Orchid said...

I am beginning to see Xiah in a new light. He's a talented guy.

inquinn said...

yes. very talented indeed
he can definitely make it if he goes solo

Liz said...

Xiah, Saranghae.

Dottie said...

Dear Orchid and Inquinn and Liz,

Xiah filled in U-Know's shoes wonderfully and showed a side of his dancing prowess never seen before. When he did the solo for 'O', he capped it off with a hand-stand which though U-Know can do, had never done before!

I was just enthralled! I mean, truly he has so much to offer and I feel as though we're only at the tip of the iceberg.

Cannot wait for you all's review!

Orchid said...


Oh yeah...i still think of that...when Xiah did the single hand-stand - i was so impressed. Wooo!!!

The only other person i saw doing it is Se7en.

Liz said...

Xiah, saranghae!!!!


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