Sunday, 4 November 2007

Yoon Eun-hye appears on TV in The Vineyard Man

Fans of Coffee Prince's Yoon Eun-hye will be pleased to know that she will appear on Malaysian television soon in the drama The Man in the Vineyard.

Korean Title: 포도밭 그사나이 / Podopat Geusanai
: 16
Airs on
: 8TV, 7pm (Mon - Fri) starting November 08, 2007

It was broadcasted in Korea on 2006-July-24 to 2006-Sept-12 on KBS2. The plot reads like a romance novel. :-)

The drama stars Yoon Eun-hye and
Oh Man-suk as the leads. Fans of Kim Ji-suk (who's currently in the drama Likeable or Not with Han Ji-hye), well, you get to see him here too!

Has anyone seen this drama? Is it good?

Pics credit: KBS The Vineyard Man Official Site

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new m said...

Seen it, is an enjoyable if predictable drama with some of my favourite support characters alongside everyones favourite, Yoon Eun-Hye. Happy ending to boot.

Michelle said...

I saw it, I really liked it. I thought it was pretty funny.

Fay said...

I LOVE this series...but then again I love YEH so maybe I'm just biased.

Anonymous said...

Now Im watching it on Youtube :D

Anonymous said...

Ok it was so bad I stopped watching.

külkedisi said...

ALLAH bilir ne yazdınız.Şimdi yazdıklarımı anlayamadığınız gibi bende sizi yazdıklarınızı anlamıyorum.ÜLKEMDE yani TÜRKİYE de yayınlanmış olan düşlerimin prensi dizisinden sonra Yoon Eun HYE hakkında bilgiler toplamya başladım.İŞTE SONUÇTA BU CUNBURLOP SİZİN SİTEYE...


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