Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Baek Ji-young's voice at risk

Singer Baek Ji-young will face a singer's worst nightmare and undergo surgery to remove a cyst from her vocal cords.

Baek was diagnosed with a vocal cord cyst last year but then took no notice of the small lump. Unfortunately, continuous strain on her vocal cords due to performing aggravated the cyst causing the singer much pain and discomfort forcing her to seek medical help in October.

The surgery may alter Baek's voice, a risk she has to take as conditions worsen. Baek is scheduled for surgery sometime in January of 2008.

Who is Baek?

Baek Ji-young was a hot pop sensation in early 2000 splashing into the music scene with her song 'Choice'. The dance single dominated the Korean music charts with its latin fusion flavour, one of the first of its kind for Korean pop music.

Her career took a nosedive later that year after a sex tape of her and her manager began circulating the web which eventually ended up on a pay-per-view porn channel. Instead of slinking away as a fallen woman, Baek took the matter head on expressing that she was the victim in this situation and filed a lawsuit against the station responsible for publicizing the video. Her actions help push the Korean feminist movement forward.

She left the limelight after releasing her fourth album in 2003 and
after a long hiatus, the singer came back to the industry in 2006.

Source: KBS Global, Time Asia, Wikipedia
Pic Credit: Newsen

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blinkable said...

uhm I didnt know abt the sex tape scandal *hoho* But I love her songs! She has great voice! Hope the surgery will not damaged anything..^^


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