Friday, 14 December 2007

Big Bang in Thailand to promote Always

Korean stars have a thing for Thailand, don't they? Many have visited the country for the usual promotional rounds, and I can't help but feel a little left out here in Malaysia. But we can't blame them, really. The Hallyu fever in Thailand is waaaay higher than Malaysia.

Big Bang at Central World Plaza, Bangkok on Dec 2

With that said, the latest Korean star(s) to visit our northern neighbour is Big Bang. The group was there from Nov 30 to Dec 4 to promote their mini-album Always.

Autograph session

Among other things, the boys appeared on radio shows and held a meet-the-fans session at Central World Plaza.

Sawadikap, Bangkok!

G-Dragon flashes his Calvin Kleins and girls all scream in ecstasy

Source: b-fieze @ Soompi
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Orchid said...

Liz, are you sure those are Calvin Klein's ?

Liz said...

Yes, I saw the larger version in Soompi. Or you can try clicking on this pic and check it out.

It says "Calvin Klein" on the band. I don't think G-Dragon'd want to flash cheap undies to the fans. Drop image only.

Arin said...

lol. you guys are discussing about the brand? ;)

anyway, yeahh. im super jealous.
and kind of feel left out too.
oh well, what to do..
30th Nov - 4 Dec, and that is 4 days?! so lucky. grrrr...
i also heard they did kind of a lot activities there. interviews for a radio station, tv show etc.
tell me, what Malaysian tv show is the most suitable for Korean stars appear in? aigoo...

i read a fan acc in Soompi saying that there was a girl who kissed GD on the cheek and made him all moody. hahahahaha..

p/s: after this, the group FT Island and XING will be heading to Thailand too right? ahhhhh..

Anonymous said...

Yeah man! I'm super duper jealous over here! One CD in Thailand costs around RM15 only! Roar! No wonder la got all the cetak rompak around here.

And also DBSK having concert in Thailand for two days (16/17 of Dec) and Thai fans got BONUS! Which is celebrating Xiah's birthday! Roaaaar. But then again, can't blame them for their busy schedules and the available date of the stadiums here. -.-


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