Friday, 21 December 2007

Big Bang's Christmas gift

Psst, K-popped! found out what presents the Big Bang boys will be getting this Christmas!

Well, not ALL of their Christmas gifts because we aren't part of Santa's workforce. Rooster and I are too tall to be elves. Orchid...well, ok, ok, OK, she is too tall too :-P.

What we know is that their Malaysian fans (a.k.a Malaysian VIPs) will be giving each of the boys a personalised coaster from the Royal Selangor Pewter. Aww, ain't that sweet?!

The coasters come with a stand and has a Malaysian-themed image on it. Their names were later engraved onto the coasters for a more personal touch.

G-Dragon gets Johor, Malaysia (pic above). Johor is the 3rd largest state in Peninsular Malaysia and is the Southern Gateway of our country.

T.O.P gets Malacca, Malaysia. A historically rich state.

Dae Sung
gets the Sultan Abdul Samad building. Constructed in 1897, the building has long been a landmark for Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur.

Tae Yang gets Sarawak, Malaysia. It's our country's largest state and is also known as the Land of the Hornbills.

Seung Ri gets East Coast, Malaysia. The prime attraction of the region are Malaysia's unspoiled islands.

The idea for the Christmas gifts came from a fan who would like to be known as Momo. In an e-mail to K-popped!, she said: "I'm going to courier it tonight (Dec 19) and my friend in Korea will personally send it to YG Entertainment."

When asked who came up with the gift idea, Momo said: "When I shared the idea with friends in the forum, all of them agreed to get them something...however, I didn't even ask them if they'd like to participate in buying the stuff. I just bought the things on my own...with my sisters, of course."

However, Momo is giving the gift on behalf of ALL Malaysian fans and wants Big Bang to know that they do have fans in Malaysia who are passionately supporting them every step of the way. (Hear that Big Bang? Or anyone at YG Entertainment? How about visiting us now? :-))

"I have another project coming up - Valentine's Project and this time, I will try to get everyone to participate. We'll buy the gifts together," Momo added.

Where can you meet Momo and participate in the Valentine's Project? Just head on to the newly-formed Big Bang V.I.P forum.

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Orchid said...

Hi Momo, i think you've selected wonderful gifts for the Big Bang boys this year.

1) They have their names engraved on the coasters. So personalized and special.

2) Royal Selangor Pewter is so Malaysian.
Royal Selangor (formerly known as Selangor Pewter) was established way back (in Malaysia) in 1885!!
(Royal Selangor is viewed as an icon of Malaysia for international top-quality pewter products and designs.)

I am sure Big Bang fans in Malaysia are pleased. Thanks Momo. I hope the boys receive the gift. Do let us know if you get any word.

Merry Christmas!

PS: Each of the coasters signify places in Malaysia. Maybe this will make the boys want to visit our country. Dae Sung can see the Sultan Abdul Samad building "in living colour" if he comes to KL! ;-)

inquinn said...

aww that's so sweet of her! i went to the forum and saw that topic. someone even suggested baju melayu (which i think is pretty cool too) but didn't know she was going to send it to the boys this soon! it's good to know she's doing this on behalf of all big bang fans in malaysia and not just for herself. and uri magnae got east coast yeahay..

thank you Momo!

momo_love_siwon said...

Orchid, Rooster & Liz...thanks you guys.. appreciate it very much..

Yeah i just hope the boys get it safely. and really hope they like it too..:p

am just a fan and am doing this for the benefits of other fans...who loves BB as much as i do.

and you guys are most welcome to participate BB's Valentine project..too..just buzz me and i'll give ya the details...

Liz said...

Hello Momo, 아니에요 = you're welcome (this time I'm using it correctly, yess!).

We hope Big Bang will get their presents! :-)

Kristen said...

Wow, this is so sweet! I am not Malaysian, but I wish I was now hehe. Great idea, Momo!

momo_love_siwon said...

Hey Kristen,

ur welcome..and also f ur interested to participate BB's Valentine's Project, ur most welcome...anyone can join..

blinkable said...

oh this is so great! What a fantastic idea momo! Thank you for doing this on behalf of all Malaysians! I hope and pray the BB boy get these and start planning on visiting Malaysia cause they are such a HOT ISSUE here now! *pwahahaha* Hope Seung Ri is recovering as much pain while watchin the "Last Farewell" perf T_T


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