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Gong Yoo (공유)

Said to be jokes and play off camera, this hallyu star is all business when the camera starts rolling and it’s time to work.

Gong Yoo began his career in entertainment with small parts on cable TV (he was a VJ for Mnet) but casting directors realized his potential and he soon found himself in television dramas.

His first role was the student and because of his boyish good looks he was typecasted as another student (Hello My Teacher)… and then another (My Tutor Friend)… and another (Spy Girl). However, it was not all in vain as the actor bagged the New Rising Star Award at the 2003 SBS Drama Awards.

Sick of remaining in the twilight zone of academia, this 28 year old cutie decides that it is now time to bury the book bag and move ON.

Gong Yoo took a break from television (I assume in 2004 as no dramas of his aired that year) to concentrate on making movies and upon his return to TV land, he was pleasantly awarded his first main role in One Fine Day where he plays a backstreet gangster. You see, too much school is never a good thing I say.

In 2007, Gong Yoo landed the leading role alongside actress Yoon Eun-hye in the drama The Coffee Prince, the aromatic love tale that tantalized the senses of every hallyu fan.

With his fast rising fame, this cutie-pie tips our beloved Energizer Bunny (Rain) off the scale and takes his spot as the male face to the premium cosmetics brand Ohui. He now can be found on merchandise from calendars to coffee cans.

An adorable face with a charming character to match? I’d say Gong Yoo will be making the ladies go weak in the knees for a long time to come.

Give it up for Gong Yoo people!

Name: Gong Yoo (공유)
Real name: Gong Ji Cheol (공지철)
Date of Birth: July 10th, 1979
Height: 184cm
Weight: 74kg
Blood type: A
Marital Status: Single (Oh there's hope for us yet!)
Religion: Catholic
Family Members: Dad, Mom and an older sister
Hobbies: Playing basketball, working out, watching movies, singing, pestering his manager
Education: Nakmin Elementary School, Nae Sung Middle School, Cond In High School, Kyung Hee University (Theater Major), Kyung Hee Post Graduate School (Performing Arts)

Official Website:


  • Ryu ga Gotoku/Like a Dragon (2007)
  • She’s On Duty (2005)
  • S Diary (2004)
  • Superstar Mr. Gam / Mr. Gam’s Victory (2004)
  • Spy Girl (2004)
  • My Tutor Friend (2003)

TV Dramas
  • The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (MBC, 2007)
  • One Fine Day (MBC, 2006)
  • Hello My Teacher / Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy (SBS, 2005)
  • Screen (SBS, 2003)
  • 20 Years (SBS, 2003)
  • Hard Love (KBS, 2002)
  • When Ever (KBS, 2002)
  • School 4 (KBS, 2001)

Source: Soompi's Gong Yoo's Clubhouse, Hancinema & Dramawiki
Pic Credit: Asia Fanatics Gallery

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Liz said...

Ooh, nice profile of Gong Yoo, Rooster. Enjoyed reading it! Must watch one of his shows.

blinkable said...

yay a post on GoongYu oppa! Liz doea this means you havent watch any of oppa's work yet?? *shock* You should try starting with "Biscuit.." then only follow up with One Fine Day and finally Coffee Prince to see adn judge how much oppa has improved! *LOL*

Orchid said...

blinkable: i haven't seen Gong Yoo oppa acting yet either! I think i'll just skip to Coffee Prince if i can find the DVD box set.

Liz said...

Hey blinkable, you know what? I actually watched a Gong Yoo movie before and didn't even realise it.

It's Spy Girl! We've got a review of it at our site!

I guess he didn't leave much of an impression on me when I watched the movie.

blinkable said...

*haha* GoongYu oppa that bad impression on K-poppers huh?

for me, One Fine Day reli is best perf fr oppa while Coffee Prince is great thanks to awesome story line. "Biscuit.." is abt oppa as a student like his teacher!

pauline said...


pikhachu79 said...

yayy an article on Yoogals Beloved Man huhuu...Seems that you guys mentioned Gong yoo Clubhouse at soompi...You all should try check out the Gong yoo thread instead "the house of all Gong yoo Fans" and also the International Fan site and Forum aka the Yoomansion

Here are the links:

Gong Yoo Thread at Soompi:

And the International Fansite and Forum:

ezra said...

wow! this was really a nice profile about Gong Yoo, i really enjoy reading it! and also i had the cchance to know his other works aside from coffee prince... Must watch and find a cd of his movies in my country... i hope i can have friends here, who i can talk about gong yoo.... Love him so much.....

aisha said...

hey blinkable..
i juz finishd watch biscuit..
n u knw what..
i'll think gong yoo is very kawaii in that drama..
but he is more matured in 1 fine day..

Anonymous said...

Hey aisha! Yeap. That's why I recommended watching his works in the order from Biscuit till Coffee Prince to see how much he has improved ;) However in a way CP still reminds me of him in Biscuit *LOL* It's just to show how he is able to carry off the characters he plays ^^

Anonymous said...

i think i want to wahct gong yoo in his school 4 drama.. do you know what site i can watch it in?

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching Coffee Prince and didn't expect Gong Yoo to have such an impact on me. Thinking of him makes me smile now... Love the soundtrack too :) Go watch it.

wawa said...

my bf! my bf!
hahaha... CP is such a great drama & GY is so freaking hot in there! after i watched CP, i started to watch him in Biscuit Teacher then One Fine Day! he is such a great actor in all dramas. but CP is the best and he looks more hotter in there...

but too bad coz now i have to wait for him for 2 years before i can see him again on screen! so at the moment, i'm gonna repeat my CP & Biscuit Teacher's box set...

p/s: i'm still thinking should i or should not i buy One Fine Day! hahaha...

**Gong Yoo, saranghae yo**

nar said...

mmm seem this star got the longest list of comment and a good one too.that say a lot oledi..

Anonymous said...

I love this article...then again i love everything about Gong Yoo. He is soo HOTTTTTTTTT. TYVM for the article. *^_^*

Anonymous said...

is there no way we can get news about him while servicing his military stint??? sigh...

Anonymous said...

well.. whatever you say guys....
i really love gong yoo so much!!!!
he's really adorable....
hope he's ok in the military...
oh...i have sent him letters already..but sorry to say that i don't really know the unit of the base camp he is now.....i was able to send him some messages by the help of a.....hehe..can't's private...hope you'll find it out someday..just continue searching for ways.....
i really miss yoo!!!
hope you guys will never stop supporting him no matter what...

wawa said...

waaaaaa.... i missed my oppa's birthday on the 10th of july! well, happy belated birthday!

i read about his 30th celebration (well, western calender, he's 29) at his camp, a lot of his fans sent him a food and he shared with his comrades... he sent a handwritten message to his fan to thakns for all the gifts!

can't wait for him to be released next year! yay...

Anonymous said...

miss gong yoo so bad. hiks.
i wish him well and healthy..

Anonymous said...

just finished watching cp. and now i am completely in love with GongYoo.i just loved everything about him. He is manly unlike most of the korean actors. i think he is most charming and natural actor. i loved the way he acted so natural. i just wish him all the happiness and success in his life. waiting for him to come out from his service and do many many good dramas.

Anonymous said...

i just so love Gong Yoo too!!!! I've seen him in CP, Bisuit and One Fine Day. I love the way he acts, when he cries, when he smiles. . . everything is just so lovable. I'm trying to look for School 4 but can't seem to find it. Can anyone help me? has anyone seen that? I love his voice too. :D

Anonymous said...

he is so cool on the coffee prince. i love their tandem of yoon eun-hye. i hope to see more of him on his next project. -dani a fan from the philippines

jocelyn said...

after watching Coffe Prince I was really impressed with his acting especially the scene where he felted cheated being the last one to know that his love was indeed a girl. By the way he does sing very well too. Then again CF's script writer did a good job touching on a lot of sensitive issues and so subtle as well. Wish he gets out of military service soon.

Lilai said...

I love Gong Yoo Oppa from the very first time I laid eyes on him. He is so darn handsome that I couldn't take my eyes off him. I watched all of his drama series, and yes he is a very good actor indeed. No doubt about it. Very professional and he is very charming in front of the cam. Still looking forward on his next film or drama series. I really really love this yummy guy. Can't help it. He made me tingle all over *blush*. I miss him, too.

Fug said...

Hi! Long time lurker, first time commenter. I've always been a J-dorama fan and have just recently watched BBF (bec of its J-dorama roots), anyway, the first Kdrama I saw after BBF was Coffee Prince. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing because now I'm expecting every Kdrama to be as awesome as CP. Gong Yoo left a strong impression in his role as Han-Gyul. As much as I don't want to be much of a fangirl, I just can't resist his boyish charm. I think he's a very talented actor and I hope he'd have great opportunities waiting for him when he gets back from his military stint.


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