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Hallyu Tour - Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace)

This is what i learned when i was reading the Korea Tourism Organization Travel Guide - Korea Sparkling.

When visiting Korea, there are many types of tours you can opt for. You can go to Jeju Island - a famous honeymoon spot for locals, visit Korean war battlefields on the DMZ Tour or take the Hallyu - Korean Wave Tour.

These Hallyu Tours (Korean Wave Tours) will be a wonderful chance to visit famous film locations. In this entry, we will talk about a tour for fans of the highly popular historical drama Daejanggeum.

Jewel in the Palace [Pic credit:]


The TV drama Daejanggeum is the true story of a woman of the Joseon Dynasty 500 years ago. Originally from the lowest class, Janggeum became the best chef in the palace and eventually became a royal physician. She earned the title of "Great Janggeum" (Daejanggeum). The hit drama which started the spread of the Hallyu stars Lee Yeong-ae.

Tours inspired by this drama are:

Ancient palaces ---> Daejanggeum Theme Park in MBC's Yangju Culture Valley ---> Seoul Studio Complex in Namyangju

Ancient Palaces in Seoul
Visit Changdeokgung Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine, both of which have been designated by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage sites.

Daejanggeum (Jewel in the Palace) Theme Park
The outdoor set used for filming Daejanggeum has been restored exactly to the way it was and renovated into a theme park!

At the Daejanggeum theme park,
you will get to turn back time and
see ancient rooms, royal dishes
and the ancient kitchen. [Pic credit: KTO]

Daejanggeum herself will greet you at the theme park.
A life-sized cardboard version of her that is.
[Pic credit: KTO]

Hwaseong Fortress ---> Korean Folk Village ---> Naesosa Temple in Jeollabuk-do ---> Byeonsan Beach ---> Seonunsa Temple
(takes more than one day)

Naesosa Temple
This is where Janggeum looked after the queen's nanny, which was called Ununsa Temple in the show. Constructed in 633 during the Baekje Kingdom, Naesosa Temple is especially famous for its autumn leaves.

Naesosa Temple [Pic credit: KTO]

Source: Travel Guide, Korea Sparkling (KTO)
Pics credit: Korea Tourism Organization,

For tour details, get a copy for the travel guide.
For more pictures, click on the links in this article to the corresponding KTO article.

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