Sunday, 16 December 2007

JYP's "That House You Live in" MV

JYP's much anticipated music video (MV) "That House You Live in" (니가사는 그집) is out. The MV features sexy Kim Hye-soo.

You will have Park Jin-young dirty dancing with ultra sexy Kim Hye-soo in the first 30 seconds.

"The House you Live in" is the second single from JYP's 7th album "
Back to Stage".

Check it out!

JYP and Kim Hye-soo in "That house you live in"
JYP gets together with sexy Kim Hye-soo

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Liz said...

Nice song, nice vid :-)

Anonymous said...

I simply cannot take that guy seriously.
I laughed during the vid.

polynasian said...

I'm still in shock that he has back up dancers.

Orchid said...


How come you are shocked JYP has back-up dancers?

If you are a Rain fan, and if you look closely, a couple of JYP's back-up dancers look familiar. They dance back-up for Rain too. They are JYPE (JYP Entertainment) dancers! =)

I'll bet die hard Rain fans can even name those dancers!!!!!!! ;-)

Pully said...

I can't take him more than 2 seconds.

Twreckx said...

It sounds like a Bi wannabe song. I bet you that sometime soon you'll find that the song and video was intended for Rain, right down to the choreography that he could not quite carry off. JYP tried to hit some notes and I had to take my earbuds out, I am very much amused!


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