Monday, 17 December 2007

K-popped! featured at AMBP

Wow, did Christmas come early for us? The K-popped! Trio must have been really nice this year (hee hee, kiddin') because people are taking notice of us :-)!

Apart from being featured at (one of Asia's blog advertising networks), we are also the featured blogger at the AllMalaysiaN Bloggers Project (AMBP) website!

The AMBP is an umbrella site for all Malaysian bloggers. If you're a Malaysian who blogs (like us), you can be a part of the group. What's in it for you? Activities and contests, so far.

Currently, AMBP is running a The Golden Compass contest where winners will walk away with imported movie merchandise. Also, the outfit is organising a bloggers gathering at Starbucks, The Gardens, MidValley (in Kuala Lumpur) on Jan 12!

A special thanks to and AMBP for making K-popped!'s 2007 Christmas so special. And to our readers, we're so happy to be able to share all of this with you. You know you rock, right?

여러분, 화이팅! (Everyone, hwaiting!)

K-popped! featured at Advertlets

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Arin said...

ahhh, congratulations KPOPPED! ;)
aww, yeah, glad that k-popped is getting bigger each day.
hope you guys will gain more readers too!

hwaiting k-popped sisters!! xD

Orchid said...

Thank you Arin! :-)

ladida said...

woohoo!! u guys should pop open a bottle of champagne & put on your party hats..u deserve the recognition..merry x-mas, k-popped!


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