Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Kim Jae-won's giving spirit

Wow, now my little entertainment piece seems so insignificant compared to Orchid’s oil spill entries. I hope a superfast method in cleaning up the oil slick will be found/used.

Anyway, my insignificant entry is about the spirit of giving. We all know that Korean stars are a generous lot, and Kim Jae-won has joined the ranks of his peers by holding a charity bazaar on Dec 8 in Japan.

The event was by-invite-only and its venue only made known to the guests. It was a very posh event as the door gift was a bottle of wine autographed by the 26-year-old actor!

Apart from that, Kim's scarf went under the hammer and fetched a whopping 230,000 yen (RM6,829). Good grief. Proceeds from the auction went to the Japanese Bone Marrow Bank.

The giving doesn't stop there as it is reported that Mr. Killer Kisser will be launching the KJW Children Dream Foundation in Japan in 2008. In conjunction with the event, the 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant star will be holding a fan meeting in Tokyo on Jan 19.

Source: KBS Global
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Who are the other charitable stars?:

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