Saturday, 15 December 2007

Kwon Sang-woo is the perfect boyfriend...

Ladies, how difficult is it to get your boyfriend or husbands to go shopping with you? Oh our very dapper lead actor in "Bad Love" is seen here, being a very obedient boyfriend. He goes shopping with his girlfriend.

If you ever imagined how shopping with Kwon Sang-woo would be like...check out these pics.

He holds your hand and carries your shopping bags for you...

He patiently sits around -
trying not to look bored, and
waits for you while you try on outfits

He gives his opinion - he likes this one

Err...nah, it's shapeless and so not sexy

Clapping to show his approval on this green shiny number
(Okay, clapping is too corny for me)

He treasures time spent with girlfriend and
records the shopping outing on his
video cam. sweet.

Okay, those were drama stills from "Bad Love".

Pics credit: MyDaily

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ladida said...

orchid, i'm in total agreement w/ya about the clapping thing..lols..but darl, i'll take a raincheck ;->

hanie said...

orchid, i prefer a smooching lesson than shopping..
oh...well, better than nothing rite..hehehe..
oppa, merry christmas!!!

Straight from my heart said...

oh my godness...he is my perfect BF for sure...i bet he must be a lovely and sweet lovin this guy day by day....MUACKS!

Anonymous said...

yeah ur right seeing that pictures makes me dreaming that Im the girl!! whahha, oh yeah totally yes, he's sweet the way he acts is like for real...


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