Monday, 24 December 2007

Lee Min-woo's Christmas Eve concert

M sends his love to everyone this holiday season.
We love you too, hottie! Tee hee....

Sexy Shinhwa singer M a.k.a Lee Min-woo held a concert this afternoon at the Gangnamgu Apgujeong club in Seoul.

Dressed all in white, the 28-year-old gave his fans something to talk about on Christmas Eve.

The singer is happy to see his fans at the concert

M shows off his manly chest. Removing the vest would be good :-)

Sizzlin'...M's so hawt he can't help but touch himself

Hey, look over there! Santa and his reindeers

Source & Pics credit: Newsen

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Anonymous said...

Hu hu hu... sexy M. The party was 3 days. First 2 days on days maybe for teenage fans and on christmas eve for the adults. althought this was adult party. Free flow of alcohol on the last day. what u expect from M. I wonder what happen in the club.

Anonymous said...

i was there on xmas eve. eugh..nothing much exciting. they check id and stuffs and the club was really really really packed with girls in heels and short skirt (mind you it was really cold -_-) and worshipping minwoo. cool show. was a bit dissapointed as i heard big bang was having a suprise club concert in NB Kangnam. The cover charge was cheap too..eek..i want Big Bang ~

blinkable said...

^ I want both M and Big Bang can I? >< miniskirted girls in high heels worshipping MinWoo oppa..*haha*

Liz said...

A three-day party, wow the fans must be in heaven :-).

Aww 2nd anonymous, not that exciting? From the pictures, it looked like M put on a pretty good show :-) Hee hee...


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