Friday, 7 December 2007

Rain's (really) bad hair

An open letter to Rain

Hair attack: Oh my gawd! Bi's hair takes on a life of its own.

Dearest Energizer Bunny,

I love you, but not your hair. I understand that you have to keep it long until post-production work on Speed Racer completes...but that's not gonna stop me from ribbing you about the disaster on your head.

Where's Bi?: All I see is The Hair

Judging from the pictures taken yesterday at the CineAsia Film Festival in Macau, the growing fungus - which could previously be tamed into a male ponytail - has now metamorphosed into a living, breathing organism that seems to be obstructing your view.

See no evil: 'Hello, anybody out there? I can't see you.'

Can I kill it? I know some pest busters who would gladly smoke that parasite on your head into oblivion. Ker-powww! It's painless, by the way.

'Yo, Mr. Rain. I'm over here': Due to The Hair, the Energizer Bunny
couldn't tell where the person handing him the award was.

Oh, where are my manners. Congratulations on receiving the Asian MaleStar of the Year award at the event!

And please, don't covet the long tresses of Chinese actress Tang Wei, who received the Asian FemaleStar of the Year award. You wouldn't look good in it.

'Hmm...what if I let it grow longer?': Bi envying the beautiful
long tresses of Lust, Caution actress Tang Wei.

Yours sincerely,
Liz K-popped!

Pics credit: Newsen

All about Rain here!

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hanie said...

liz, u r my idol for today!!
hopefully bi oppa hear ur plea..

kpop_rub said...

Oh I love the hair so much... Its my favorite hairstyle in a long long time! I hope he doesn't cut it-- Its so SEXY hehe xD

Rooster said...

OH no! kpop_rub! Say it isn't so! Ha ha.

ladida said...

haha..liz, you rock! But my reaction was quite the reverse when I first saw these pixes of him sporting that long, wispy do. There's this one particular close-up shot found in other sites that makes me think he looks, dare I say, wholesome. Of course, Rain's hair looks best in A love to Kill/Road for Rain...."and please, don't covet the long tresses of Chinese actress Tang Wei" lol..u r a genius; i was right about u all along; you guys ARE funny & witty :P

rainbowlove88 said...

Ha ha ha ha...aiyo liz, dun be so bad-lar. Oppa looks so cute still what. He look so manis.


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