Saturday, 1 December 2007

Xiah's the fashionista in Anyband

Currently, I seem to be having a fixation on Anyband (애니밴드). I've seen videos of the Anycall Anyband concert on 27 November and noticed that Xiah Junsoo (시아준수) changed his outfit THREE times during the concert. Tablo wore two different outfits, but BoA only wore her frilly dress throughout!

Xiah the fashionista in Anyband
changed outfits three times

BoA, no matter how much you twirl,
that dress ain't gonna change

Here are links to video clips of Anycall Anyband Concert. In the first two videos, the camera is focused on TVXQ's Xiah Junsoo all the time. It must be taken by a Xiah fan...or, maybe it's just because he's so "fashionable". ;-)

Anyband Concert - Promise You (Camera focused on Xiah)

Anyband Concert - Day Dream (Camera focused on Xiah)

Anyband Concert - Miscellaneous clips

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kpop_rub said...

BoA was the one who needed to do all the changing LOL. It's so sad cuz her style for the video and promotional ads was so cute! I thought they would have styled her similarly for the concert... but they didn't.

Anonymous said...

Xiah is also the only one with a good voice and happens to be very good looking.
Well, sorry boas voice is just so whiney...


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