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Bad Love - Episode 10

This episode was another emotional roller-coaster. It was fast paced with a lot of revelations and shifts. We are half-way through the drama series as there is a total of 20 episodes in Bad Love. Episode 10 sets a different tone to the drama. New beginnings - Yong-gi's abeoji passes away. Yong-gi and In-jung breaks-up. We see the once impulsive illegitimate son installed as the head of the family, sole heir and Chairman of his father's estate.

Many have also asked about Lee Su-hwan. Is he having health issues? Well yes, in episode 9 we were given glimpse of a terminal illness. Su-hwan has trouble breathing at times. Doctors say he has weak lungs but need further tests to provide a conclusive diagnosis. Probably more on this in the next episode.

As soon as
Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) finds out that Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) told his father everything, he rushes to stop her from leaving. During the family confrontation, Kang Joo-ran blurted out "This is the woman who had an affair with my husband and got pregnant!". Oh everything is out in the open. Only In-jung and Joo-ran knew about the baby and miscarriage.

No more secrets. Everything is out in the open...

In-jung leaves in a cab but Yong-gi still wants to pursue her. Yong-gi's dad begs him to let her go, but Yong-gi is adamant. He gets into another cab and chases her - again. In-jung stops to confront Yong-gi and they both had a very emotional discussion. Yong-gi, despite all, says he loves In-jung and is willing to stay by her side. In-jung asks Yong-gi to stop being so possessive and let her go.

In-jung and Yong-gi exchange piercing truths

In-jung : If i really loved you, i wouldn't have been afraid.
So maybe i don't love you, i just love the idea of loving you.

In-jung rejects Yong-gi's love and says she'd rather die. She goes and stands right in the middle of the road, waiting for a car to knock her down. An on-coming car comes and Yong-gi rushes out to safe her just in the nick of time.

Yong-gi saves In-jung from her ridiculous stunt

Although In-jung was unscathed, the near-accident signified the death of In-jung - in Yong-gi's heart. That was the last straw. It was like a stab in the heart for Yong-gi. He turns his back and walks away.

Yong-gi turns his back on In-jung and walks away.

Yong-gi returns to the hotel to find that his father has collapsed. They rush him to the hospital in an ambulance, but Yong-gi's dad breathed his last breath in the ambulance, with Yong-gi, Joo-ran and son-in-law Su-hwan at his bedside.

Yong-gi's dad dies...

Poor Yong-gi, he lost the one person
truly loved him. His 아버지 (abeoji).

Mr Han and his daughter (who looks like Yong-gi's ex-gf Kim Jo-ann) arrives to pay their respects. Mr Han is Yong-gi's dad's business confidant. His daughter, who in the previous episode confessed that she wants to find a rich man and get married, catches a glimpse of handsome Yong-gi. She calls him the "Troubled Prince" (i like the sound of that) and immediately has her sights set on him.

"Troubled Prince" Yong-gi

Samchun arrives (without his sunglasses) to pay his respects and Yong-gi tells him what happened between In-jung and himself.

I put my heart and love on the line, but In-jung
did not trust me enough.
She put a knife through my heart.

Yong-gi has loved and lost - twice. He buries his hurt and decides to be the man his dad was.

Yong-gi prepares to go to work.
He is now Chairman of his father's company.

Yong-gi's dad left a will which puts Yong-gi in charge of his construction company. Stepmother and Joo-ran are at the mercy of Yong-gi now.

Su-hwan files for divorce, but Joo-ran refuses to sign the papers. We also find out in this episode that Miso (Su-hwan & Joo-ran's daughter) is actually adopted.

Yong-gi is the sole heir to his father's fortune.
Both Stepmother and Joo-ran need to live "peaceably" with him.

When Joo-ran cries and clings on to Su-hwan despite his pleas for divorce, Yong-gi tells his sister..."Dad did not warm up to your husband because he wanted Su-hwan to love you, not take over the company."

Yong-gi meets Mr Han - his late father's business confidant

Yong-gi is now Charmian of the construction company and he is introduced to Mr Han - who will show him the ropes on managing the conglomerate his dad left him. One of my favourite scenes is when Yong-gi's father's faithful driver offers Yong-gi a piece of advice..."To be like your father, you need to hide your feelings."

The first decision Yong-gi makes at work is to go ahead with the Samcheok property project. This means, the little town of Samcheok - the place where his samchun and In-jung resides, will be rebuilt.

Yong-gi's good friend Christian flies in from the States to offer him support. Yong-gi has also entrusted his friend the company's finances.

Yong-gi is happy to have his friend here in Seoul.
Christian is concerned that Yong-gi has forced himself
to become a different man...

Yong-gi is learning fast. He is less impulsive and does not wear his heart on his sleeve anymore. He has one of his men spy on In-jung who is now back in Samcheok.

Yong-gi takes over his father's company - Daehan Construction

Episode 10 ends with In-jung, Joo-ran, Su-hwan and Yong-gi back at Samcheok. Joo-ran went there to ask In-jung to leave for good ( to go far far) because her estranged husband has plans to go back to her (silly Su-hwan). Yong-gi observes the drama enfolding from afar.

Drama at Samcheok beach

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Anonymous said...

Wow!! Totally intense!!! I love these posts. Su Hwan is the hottest.

Orchid said...

~ A: You like Su-hwan? Actually i would love to put more screen caps of the other characters, but most uploaded onto the Net are of Kang Yong-go (Kwon Sang Woo). It must be uploaded by his fans.

Liz said...

Gosh, I'm starting to dislike In-jung and her sad face.

When Yong-gi slapped her after he saved her from getting run over by a car, I felt that he should whack her harder.

Poor Sung-su oppa. He got such a lousy, weasel-ly role. His handsome mug is ruined with the permanent frown on his face and he looks constipated all the time.

Arrrgh, another 10 more episodes to go. I can do it!

Orchid said...

Yeah i agree Kim Sung-su has a sucky role. What the writers make of his character is to make you dislike him. But Sung-su sshi can at least try to put on more expressions on his face. He looks emotionally constipated most of the time. OR else, has this shocked look on his face. He kinda reminds me of Kim Tae-hee in Stairway to Heaven. Both of them have similar styles...can't really act. :-P

Azura said...

I got sooo frustrated with In-Jung..sigh..If she could just trust Yong-gi... :(

Is Su Hwan having some illness? (based on the clip for the next episode)

Yeah..its so frustrating that he get that kind of role but he's still hot!!! Oppa! :D

Liz said...

Hey Azura, yeah Suhwan is having some heart problems. In Episode 9 when he went on the solo soul searching hiking trip, he collapsed and then went to the doctors.

Something about further check-ups as his heart and lungs are not in good shape. Maybe Suhwan dies somewhere along the show?

Azura said...

Oh no!! :(

Liz, I didn't watch Episode 9
till the end (only up to the part where Yong-gi and In-Jung was at the hospital) Oops! I've just read it(abt the illness, in the posts) ;)

Yeah, I think so too...sigh.. so sad...

Thanks, Liz ;)

Gail T. said...

the way i'm anticipating k-popped "bad love" episode summaries reminds me of the way i had anticipated javabeans' "coffee prince" summaries last summer. great job. because i just can't stand how seriously this melodrama takes itself, i personally wouldn't sit through 10 hours of bad love, but i enjoyed reading the recaps of the past 10 epis. i especially love the photo captions/quips.

only a handful of episodes more. aja, fighting!

Arin said...

yeah, intense indeed!
haha. well, i just hope Su Hwan doesn't turn out to be so bad later on. that is not acceptable! haha.
oh come on Joo Ran, just accept the divorce and go to that driver fella!

yeah, i think Su Hwan might die later on, which will be sad for me! huohouohuo. that Joanne look-a-like will try to get Yong Gi huh? i hate her character! >_<

oh..and Miso is adopted?

i can't wait for the next episode!
and thanks k-popped for the amazing review ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your posts...It's just as intense as watching it myself on TV. Too bad that I can't be in Malaysia now...if not I would definitely watch it at

Anyway keep up the good work!

Coming back to this episode...This story is becoming so intense...

kiwi_seoul said...

finally getting round to commenting after reading the rest of the posts on this drama - this is the best alternative since i cant get hold of it myself!!
i love it when the dramas finally get to the good stuff when all the twists come out!!
thanks for the posts guys!

fraulein said...

Thanks for the post, as always : )

You're right to say that the near accident signified the death of Injung in Yong-gi's heart - to me, it is like an impt turning point.

Some thoughts on Ep 10

- The Joanne lookalike seems confident of herself, doesnt she? And she certainly has set her sights on the suave new chairman

- Is it just me or are KSW's eyes perpetually red and swollen even though he is not crying ? I read somewhere that (top) Korean actors do things to themselves to make their acting seem more believable.

- Since when did Yong-gi and Suh-wan become friends that they can talk heart to heart ? It appeared that way to me as Suh-wan approached Yong-gi with a drink after the funeral

- This ep marks the first time i actually felt sorry for Suh-wan. Not sure if it'll last...

- I found the scene where Yong-gi dramatically put on his jacket and swopping his arty backpack for a briefcase quite funny. Anyone with me on that one?

- It is such a strange turn of events - Yong-gi stubbornly refused to take over the biz when his father was alive and begged him to but he suddenly (and dramatically) changes his mind, I know the blow caused him to do so.

- Even the hairstyle changes slightly, hahaha, it's more " swept up"

- I guess deep inside Yong-gi had a lot of respect for his dad but never articulated it.

With this, i end my rant for today ;P

fraulein said...

Oh and i didnt know that Yong-gi didnt know Injung was pregnant before. I thought she told him everything ??

Orchid said...

Arin, yeah i agree. Joo-ran should just go to the driver, Mr Yun.

But i think the driver is married. Although they don't show his wife...

fraulein said...

I hate to think abt all the negativity ahead - juran's proposed revenge, what the joanne lookalike has up her sleeve, and injung finally too laterealising yong-gi is the one for her - his love has turned to hatred

I am 100% batting for a happy ending but the way things go, i think they will both realise too late that they are meant to be together
Maybe one of them dies in the end, or both.

Or maybe i am just depressed thinking of the parallels between this series and a love to kill . Such party pooper-ish thoughts!

Orchid said...


* I don't like the Joanne lookalike. :-P hahahaha...i am sure she will be coming on to Yong-gi real strong & hopefully he doesn't respond.

* What do Korean actors do to themselves to make their acting more believable? Do tell if you know...i am curious. As for KSW's eyes perpetually red and swollen, it could be that he is tired. I read somewhere that he once filmed all through the night and didn't get any rest. Or maybe it could be too much crying on the set. ;-)

* Ya the sweaping of jacket was quite funny. We laughed at that part. Like some John Woo slow-mo thingy going on. Hahaha

* "I guess deep inside Yong-gi had a lot of respect for his dad but never articulated it." - yeah i agree

* I don't think Yong-gi and In-jung talked much about the past. Actually they did not talk about Su-hwan at all. He found out when he saw SH and IJ talking at the docks. After that, i don't think they talked - communication breakdown. ;-)

Orchid said...

A Love to Kill was really sad lah...
I don't like sad endings. :-(

munchkinsmom said...

Thank you so much for doing this. I love this drama but unfortunately what I see is really bad. I live in Southern California and the version I see is really edited and it is called "cruel Love". I don't understand the language so I am helpless in trying to watch the most updated one on "youTube".

I am basically relying on what you write to tell me what is going on. I have seen up to episodes 2 in English on AznV.Tv but no other places have the series subtitle yet.

Again thank you and I kind of sad to see Su-kwan getting really sick with the headaches now.

hanie said...

wow.. looks like a bit late to comment..anyway, ep10 make me wants to slap injung really really hard on her face.. why oh why u have to do that..if she have some faith n courage..*sigh*

p/s: k-pop sisters,since u guys doing great job on cruel love, how about hong gil dong?? i watched ep.2 last nite and its good =)

Orchid said...

Hello Hanie, oh yeah i watched Hong Gil Dong, The Hero on Astro KBS World last night too! I was surprised it's only at Episode 2. I thought i missed a many episodes already.

Won't be doing Hong Gil Dong as Dramabeans is already doing a blow for blow...reviewing each episode on her site!

fraulein said...


I don't like the joanne lookalike too.

leo said...

tq for this, i missed episode 10 bcos i had to go somewhere. The You tube one doesnt have subtitles.
Thanx for putting sense into the moving pics.

Anonymous said...

thank you for reviewing bad love.
i've only seen up to ep 8 and i can't find ep 9 - 10 with subtitles.

am I the only one who feels sorry for Su-Hwan?

I think he was deprived of a lot things because of other people's selfishness (freaking Ju-Ran) and his own as well. what a tragic flaw.

Arin said...

to fraulein and the anonymous who felt sorry for Su Hwan,
haha. count me in.
i kind of felt sorry for him too.
that's why i hope he won't overdo it. huh


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