Monday, 14 January 2008

Gong Yoo gets a buzz cut, starts military stint

'Man, where did all my hair go?'

Today is Jan 14, which means Gong Yoo is enlisting for active military duty.

Feeling a little insecure without his manly mane, Gong Yoo
keeps rubbing his head.

The 29-year-old actor got himself a buzz cut and looks all set to don the army gear and boots for his mandatory 2-year stint.

'Goodbye everyone!'

The Coffee Prince star bids his final farewell to all well-wishers and fans gathered at the the front gates of the Choongnam army training centre.

Ta-ta, dude. See you next time.

Source & Pics credit: Hankooki

Gong Yoo's final fan meeting
Gong Yoo joins the army in January 2008

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Orchid said...

he looks so different with that hair...

Dottie said...

You guys see all those ajummas in front?! Hahahaha, they're the ones that will be waiting outside on the day of his release as well.

blinkable said...

*haha* The ahjummas comment reli cracked me up!

He doesnt look good at all with this new hair cut O_o *turn around to stare at another pic of GoongYu oppa*

Anonymous said...

Aww..his hair is so ready for the military service.Hehe. He's so cute with his chubby face ^-^! Annyong oppa! Sarang he!

ksw said...

The hair maketh the man...

dodz and tin said...

ang sura nya sa buhok nya...pero cute pa din sya..ala tayong magagawa ganyan talaga sa military..ingat ka dyan..

from your fans in the Philippines


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