Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Joo’s looking absolutely regal

Aww, a face like that could do no wrong, no?

After that little bump on her journey into showbiz, Joo is looking like a sweet ‘lil princess in these new photos.


'I'm really, really sorry about those pictures. I
was young and naive then.'

Not long after she debuted on Jan 11, pictures of an underage Joo smoking and drinking were circulated on the Internet.

However, I think Park Jin-young’s latest protégé is ready to put that episode behind her and go all out to promote her debut single entitled Because of a Man. She’s one lucky 18-year-old as in this day and age, the audience are more forgiving…fickle even.

'사랑해요! Love ya, everyone!'

All the best, Joo. You sing really well so don’t blow it as not everyone gets a chance at stardom.

'Wish me luck, people! Or better still, buy
my album.'

Pics credit: Hankooki

Meet Joo, JYP's secret weapon

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xoxLIZZI3xox said...

omigod...she soo pretty and cute

no homo

ladida said...

she's well can she sing? what's her music genre?

Liz said...

hey Ladida, her debut song is a ballad. Don't know what her other songs are.

I watched the MV recently and was pretty bored by it, to tell you the truth. Joo didn't appear in the MV, they got a couple of actors to play the lovers. So boring. Yawn, yawn, yawn.

however, you can check out her live performance on Music Bank here.

ladida said...

thanks Liz, i'll take your word as gold. Still, she's cute

blinkable said...

the pics here are reli pretty and somehow she reminded me of that girl from what's the name??? SooHee or something like that?? XD

jacA said...

i know this is an old post...
but isn't it "어머나" instead?


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