Friday, 25 January 2008

K-popped! Korean Movie Reviews

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys I would like to recommend some movies that you guys should watch.
Windstruck, this was the second Korean movie that I watched (after Sassy Girl) which got me hooked.
The Classic, you really have to watch this film the story's beautiful and so is the soundtrack. I cry everytime I watch this film.
The World of Silence, I liked this much better than Black House has more depth and surprises.
Go Go Sister if you like time travel stories plus I liked the plost twist.
There are many Korean movies that you don't know what to make of it but I watch them anyway because they got me "hook, line and sinker" as they say.
Three Iron
The Ghost Theater
2 movies that I did not get but I enjoyed it anyway.

Liz said...

Thanks for the recommendations Anonymous :-).

Nina said...

i just wan to recommen Rainbow Romance.i havent watch it but theres Kibum n Hee chul(SuJu)in it so i tot it would be a great eye candy =p

jan said...

Some other enjoyable movies: The Art of Seduction (it's fun, fast-paced, and not THAT predictable), and A Moment to Remeber (seriously S-A-D, so watch only when you wish to cry, and even though it put the MELO in melodramatic, it was really touching). and, yes, i do love son ye jin, she's gorgeous!

Orchid said...

@jan, Thanks for the recommendation. I have yet to watch a Son Ye-jin drama/movie.

Liz said...

@Orchid, hi, you've actually watched a Son Ye-jin movie before. April Snow with Bae Yong-joon? She was the lead actress in that one.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen "Eraser in my Head/Moment to remember"? If you haven't you definetely should, it's amazing. Love your site!

Anonymous said...

i'd like you to watch temptation of wolves. it's one of the best movies kang dong won did. he'll break your heart with it.

Anonymous said...

i just want to say that this site is awesome..... i love all things korean, i think im gonna hang out here more!!

i agree with viktorialouise, temptation of wolves is a good movie to watch, i love kang dong won there, his acting is so intense....

another movie that i would like to recommend to you guys is sunflower, this was shown back in 2006, starring kim rae won( attic cat and love story in harvard) it!!

Liz said...

anonymous, hello and welcome. To everyone else, thank you for the recommendations! Will try and see if we can get our hands on the movies you mentioned. See ya around.

하 늘 said...

ah I recommend the movie "The Chaser" or 추격자 it's a pretty good thriller. I'm half korean, half shanghainese, I just stumbled across your website ;*) it's very interesting. 감 사 해 요

<3 유 하 늘

Bonnie Deb Barma said...

K-popped :)

gals..u r doing gr8 work in reviewing and keeping everyone up to date.

I am surprised , you missed out "THE CLASSIC" movie review???
From my knowledge, its one of the very most popular Korean movies, esp among girls.

(My favourite are "My Sassy Girl" and "A millionaire's first love").

Anonymous said...

hi what name of movies of lee dong gun from that music video of big bang last farewell send to my yahoomail thanks

Wawa said...

i recommend you guys to watch BABY & ME.... one of the top korean movie end of last year!!!! such a nice movie and funny :)

hanys said...

i just watched OLD MISS DIARY.. so funny!! you should watch and do a review here.. its a bout 32years old woman who depress and jobless and sometime work as dubbing artist. fall in love with a guy n rejected. hooked to her young producer, who finally love her.. they get kissed and her lip went so big becoz that his first kiss.. gosh, so funny. seeit yourself..

9W2PJU said...

sex is zero, anyone ?


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