Thursday, 10 January 2008

Meet Joo, JYP's secret weapon

The talented Park Jin-young has a new secret weapon in his arsenal of talents!

It comes in the form of a young girl named Joo whose picture is only released to the public today (Jan 10).

As a result of that, Netizens have gone wild, showing keen interest in the talent by visiting her website as printed on the poster.

Go to Joo's site ( and you'll get to listen to the girl belting out her ballad 남자 때문에 (Because of you (a man)) which was written by Park Jin-young. She sounds really good. While you're there, why don't you leave a note to encourage Joo as well?

The songbird will be making her first public appearance on the Music Bank show on Jan 11 (in Korea).

And so the K-popped! world awaits with bated breath.

Source & Pic credit: Newsen

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Orchid said...

This is a surprise. JYP must be a very busy man. With all that erotic prancing around coming "back-to-stage" and preparing G-soul and Min for their debuts...he has time for Joo? He must have good time management. =)

Anonymous said...

JOO is good..her voice sounds NICE..

Anonymous said...

How did you guys find out about her???

Liz said...

Hello anonymous 2, read about her at Newsen :-). It's stated in the entry I wrote the "Source & Pic" credit.


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