Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Sandra Oh wears hanbok-inspired gown to SAG Awards

Grey’s Anatomy actress Sandra Oh decidedly kept to her Korean roots when she walked the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) in a couture version of the hanbok (the traditional Korean dress) on Jan 27.

Sandra Oh wears a (SAG-ging) hanbok-inspired dress to the SAG Awards in LA

Her dress featured a hot pink bow as the bodice and a black ballskirt. Hmm, she isn't filling up the bodice and it looks like it’s about to slide down any moment!

Possible wardrobe malfunction aside, the 37-year-old has been travelling a lot lately, due to the writers’ strike since November. Oh has been enjoying her free time now that available scripts for her TV series have dried up.

“I came to Canada, and I’ve been travelling a lot,” she said in an interview with CTV.ca. “It’s been a great opportunity because the show keeps me so busy, so I’ve been able to go back home and see everybody and see my whole family.”

Apart from appearing at the SAG Awards on Sunday, Oh will be appearing on the cover of NUVO magazine in March 2008.

Source: CTV.ca
Pics credit: FabSugar

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Pully said...

that is a pretty cute gown/hanbok, whatever that is, actually. Its color is elegant. Just that she couldn't pull off the look.

kpop_rub said...

its ugly as hell but props on repping the ancestral land LOL

Anonymous said...

the ribbon is strategic to hide the flat chest.

Clammy said...

I ran into her at a cafe/bar that my friend was performing at last year. She's really nice. Though her messy hair in Grey's Anatomy seems to be her real hair when she goes out too! I don't think she hangs around a lot of Koreans though.

Liz said...

Wah Clammy, rubbing shoulders with the stars and all that jazz :-). Thanks for sharing.

ladida said...

the hanbok is pretty, but it just doesn't work on the red carpet. Regardless, i luv her in 'Grey's Anatomy'. I hope that the writers strike will be over soon. I hate watching reruns. Thank goodness, there are 3 more new eps of 'House' left. LUV Hugh Laurie; he's brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Clammy said...

Well I didn't really rub soldiers with Sandra Oh, just talked to her a little bit!

Liz said...

Hee hee, nonetheless you met her, Clammy. And I believe you meant shoulders (어깨) and not soldiers (군인)? Didn't know you owned an army ;-).

Clammy said...

HA HA!! I was in the middle of reading something about soldiers when I made that post and so I put soldiers instead of shoulders!!! HA HA HA

Liz said...

Ha ha 아,그래요. :-)

Anonymous said...

Images of Original Korean Dress, Hanbok





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