Sunday, 13 January 2008

Song Hye-kyo and Won Bin attend 'Open City' VIP premiere

Song Hye-kyo and Won Bin are pretty elusive. We hardly see them these days. Song has returned from filming her indie flick in the States.

Song Hye-kyo and Won Bin were seen at the VIP premiere of the movie 'Open City'.

Open City marks beautiful actress Son Ye-jin's return after a one year absence from the entertainment scene. 'Open City' also stars Kim Myung-min and opened in cinemas in Korea on January 10th.

For more details on this new movie, trailer and stills, go to Dramabean's Son Yejin returns with Open City.

Song Hye-kyo to make US debut in indie flick

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1 Comment:

blinkable said...

She's still pretty *haha*

Oh look it's Yu JaeSeok! He's funny! ^^ I was just watching "The King of Brain" on KBSWorld yest feat Suju..hilarious and the show was good for my brain!XD


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