Monday, 28 January 2008

Ticket prices to F.T. Island's concert

Hello, all F.T. Island fans. If you don't already know, the quintet will be in Malaysia for a concert on March 30 (Sunday).

The event will be held at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre and the theme of the event is Sunshine Yellow. Hmm, if I don't put on a yellow-coloured T-shirt, will I be barred from entering the venue?

Tickets to the concert cost: RM280, RM250, RM230, RM180, RM150 and RM100.

Overseas fans, the organiser is offering an international fan package for ya. You'll be picked-up from the airport and chauffeured to all F.T. Island-related activities, among other things. It's priced at US$250 (RM813), exclusive of flight tickets, concert tickets and personal spending money.

Yo, Malaysian fans, you are offered a package too. It is priced at RM300.

Still no news on where to get the tickets for non die-hard fans. For more information on the event and ticketing, please go to C.I Entertainment.

Source: C.I. Entertainment

F.T. Island to perform live in Malaysia

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Anonymous said...

it's already out..
i definitely hope that i can go..
and i also hope that i can buy the vvip one..and hoping that i have money..
i seriously want 2 go..
hope that i won't anything else on that day..

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! i want to go..


i dont care what happen i want to go....

no one can stop me..

blinkable said...

RM300 excluding concert tickets??! *pwahahaha* Any Msian fans taking this package I salute you XD My advice? Jus buy your own tickets if you wana attend the concert *LOL* I like the Yellow theme already but I doubt I will be going XP This year I am gonna be so broke with all the much anticipated albums coming out ;) Have fun ppl!!

Arin said...

oh come on blinkable,
let's go ;) hehee.
just kidding, up to you.

yeah, my jaws dropped when i saw RM300!
but i think it's totally worth it for the die-hard fan,
you got to attend the birthday party and have priveleges for every event!
plus transportation provided too!

too bad i don't have enough money, broke. and im still in the middle of getting permission from my parents to go.

anyway, any k-popped girls will be going? ;)

blinkable said...

Hey arin! Nah I should be saving up for Suju's XD

Liz said...

Hi all, if you have problems accessing the site to get tickets it's because the site is undergoing maintenance.

Here is a press release from C.I. Entertainment dated Jan 6 (Wednesday):



Kuala Lumpur: Due to the high interest in FT Island's concert in Malaysia and our fan packages, it has resulted in sudden high traffic to both C.I. Entertainment's website and blog causing it to temporarily go under maintenance.

We regret the inconvenience and we'll be back up again in no time.

In the meantime, all pre-bookings proceed as usual through For enquiries on fan packages, emails can be sent to the same address and booking forms will sent to interested parties.

Liz said...

Hi Arin,

We aren't sure if we are going or not. Will let you guys now when we've made concrete plans. :-)

Arin said...

the public booking for the tickets is now available, through TicketCharge.
Good luck in choosing the best seat!!
and please visit one of the fan communities chosen by Ci-Entertainment, MY FT ISLAND.
You'll get privileges like getting to buy VIP tickets, touring the concert venue etc.
and there is also a project for us to join. Please contribute, make FT Island remembers Malaysia =D
oh, and of course, visit CI-Entertainment website for more info about the event, and many more! they've just updated their website =)

Anonymous said...

'Only Malaysian album broght by CI Entertainment are allowed in'
Wad does it means?? If we buy their album from SPEEDY de, can we go in?? or we nid to order from CI Enter.? The ceneleisure damansara is a hall or a open place??
I hope someone can help me..thx^^

Liz said...

Hi Anonymous, it says that albums with the C.I. Entertainment logo will be allowed in for the autograph session AND that the album will be in selected music stores.

I'm sure if you get it from Speedy, it would be one of those that has the C.I. Ent logo. But why don't you just check before buying the disc.

I think the sponsors are just making sure that fans have the original copy of the CD and not some *cough* ciplak one.

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone. can anyone tell me where can i get f.t island cd with c.i entertainment logo on it? i hardly find it anywhere. is it available in speedy? or which music store?

Arin said...

you can get the album with c.i ent logo at Rock Corner outlet in Mid Valley or One Utama :)

Rachel said...

Gah...wish I were a rich girl and could go overseas. Stuck in the US. *cries*

Siew Wei said...

we r so angry about FT island's management!!!!!!the S**** management cancel the auto session suddenly n caused most of us who bought the CD with the CI logo cant get the autigraphed!!!!!!!!!!!!it's cheating the fans!!!!!


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