Tuesday, 26 February 2008

At the 17th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

The 17th presidency of Korea started as Lee Myung-bak formally took over presidential authority from former president Roh Moo-hyun at midnight on Monday (25 Feb).

Lee Myung-bak during his inauguration ceremony
as the 17th Korean president at National Assembly
in Seoul on Monday (25 Feb, 2008)

Wait a minute, why is Orchid interested in politics all of a sudden? Could it be that the Malaysian General Election fever has gotten to her? What gives? ;-)

Erm...well, actor Kwon Sang-woo flew back from Thailand to attend the presidential inauguration ceremony in Seoul. The Bad Love actor was one of the celebrities invited to the official event. He was in Thailand shooting CFs (commercial film). He will be jetting off to Australia to do more CF shooting after this.

Kwon Sang-woo looks noticeably tired in these pics. Get some rest okay Sang-woo oppa?

Kwon Sang-woo at the 17th presidential inauguration
ceremony at National Assembly in Seoul

Everyone wears that little round orange badge
& listens attentively to the president's inaugural address

Oppa, are you okay? Is there something in your eye?

KSW (left) and are these Korean celebs as well?

Pics credit: Newsis

Bad Love shooting ends, KSW embarks on CF world tour

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Evelyn said...

um yea the one next to Kwon Sang Woo is Ryu Si Won - famous actor. Behind them I think I see SS501.

Arin said...

haha. this was shown on KBS World yesterday morning. I was hoping to spot some celebrities on TV, but I got bored of waiting and just changed the channel. lol, I couldn't understand a thing after all.

and yeah. I spot Ryu Si Won and some SS501 members on the pics ;)

Orchid said...

Thanks Evelyn...i was wondering who they were. I thought Ryu Si Won was KSW's bodyguard. :-P

Liz said...

So now we know who Oppa supports ;-).

yay said...

wow KSW is everywhere. good for him ^^

fraulein said...

Yeah, I spy Ryu Si-won with my little eye too. wonder which other celebrities attended but were not caught on camera....

KSW looks like he didnt get out of his Bad Love filming get-up, hahaha

Anonymous said...

i so love KSW!!! ever since I knew about this site (Nov 2007), I started to visit this everyday just to know if there’s any recent news about him and of course about my other favorite Korean celebs. nwei, he looks tired in this pic but he still managed to maintain his handsome look! I missed him already bcoz I’m done watching his recent melodrama 'bad love' but I promised my self that I’m gonna watch it again as soon as I already have free time. hahaha btw, thank God it doesn’t end up in sad or tragic way! :D

Anyway, since this is my second time in posting a comment,I just wanna take this opportunity to thank you k-popped trio for giving us the latest news about Korean celebs!!! I love visiting this site everyday! Keep up the good work guys! :D

ksw said...

sangwoo oppa! i wish i was there wif him.

kpop_rub said...

ewww thats ss501 (my least favorite korean group). I thought dong bang was sposed to be there.
I don't really like this president... isn't he way conservative?

Anonymous said...

Great, you don't like him...but you don't know why. He might be conservative...but you're not even sure. This makes no sense. I can only hope that you don't make important life decisions based on such flawed and shallow logic.

Joe said...

Well.. I think he's way better than the former one..:-)

fraulein said...

i dunno abt his character yet but he's supposed to be an economics man with a strong business sense, having led a large company (was it samsung? )

He made some 747 promises -

7 % economic growth or something along those lines. Somebody pls correct me if i am wrong.

Good luck, Mr Prez!

kismetology said...

Sang Woo is looking rough. :(
He's still hot though.

blinkable said...

He's conservative? I jus read few pages on him by Newsweek today and got the impression he's not that *LOL*
I think he's gona be so much better than Roh XDD
At least I am interested in some of his plans like the intro of English edu ;)
No doubt he will be in for a rough ride tho..I wish him luck!
And fraulein, it's Hyundai ^^


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