Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bad Love - Episode 12

Episode 12 opens with this scene: Kang Yong-gi (Kwon Sang-woo) is jogging in the city early in the morning. He stops on a hill overlooking Seoul and wishes aloud that Na In-jung (Lee Yo-won) slept well last night.

Yong-gi gets some much needed exercise and
recalls what happened in the previous episode

In-jung and Yong-gi made a deal. If Yong-gi would delay the demolition of the House of Hope until spring, In-jung will move to Seoul, work for him, and do as he says until then. At least the occupants will have time to find a new place by then.

In-jung did not get knocked down by the crane after all.
Instead, they made a pact. Demolition to be postponed until spring.
In exchange, In-jung becomes Yong-gi's slave
and moves
to Seoul to be close to him.

Samchun (Mr Hwang) and Chansuk (samchun's girlfriend) has conveniently moved to Seoul as well, and In-jung is now living with them.

Samchun, Chansuk & In-jung relocates to Seoul -
all because of Yong-gi. In-jung skips breakfast in
not to be late on her first day at work.

Yong-gi makes In-jung his secretary. She will be in charge of his schedule. The first thing she has to do is bring him some water. [At this point, Liz says..."I want to be Yong-gi's secretary. I can do the job. I want! I want!]

Daehan Construction is in a bit of a fix. Because of the delay in demolition and the resort project, their partner has withdrawn funding the project.

Lee Su-hwan (Kim Sung-su), who is now out of Daehan Construction, meets with Assemblyman Kim. The latter is really cross with Yong-gi and uses his power to ensure that Yong-gi's project will not be funded by any bank.

Assemblyman Kim and Lee Su-hwan are pals.
Assemblyman makes it impossible for Yong-gi to get funds
for his project unless Yong-gi reinstalls
Su-hwan as CEO of Daehan Construction.

Christian: Yong-gi, the company is in a lot of trouble.
All funding has been cut off for the Samcheok project.
There's a conspiracy. We are done for. We are in deep sh*t!
We need Su-hwan back.

Su-hwan and his best friend (former driver) meet up to talk. Mr Yun confessed to Su-hwan about his affair with Joo-ran. Su-hwan really does not care about that at all, and goes on to tell Mr Yun that he still has feelings for In-jung. She is the only person he would sacrifice for. He is willing to give up anything - just to get her love and affection again.

While his former driver Mr Yun envies Su-hwan for
always having Joo-ran's love, Su-hwan confesses
he is still pining for Na In-jung.

Mr Yun then asks Su-hwan "What are you going to do about that? At least Yong-gi hangs on to her and makes sure she is by his side - she is working for him. But what are you going to do?" Su-hwan says, "I will get her back." Su-hwan is all worked up. He psyche's himself up with all the talk to get In-jung back. Since he has divorced, he is a "free man". Nothing can stop him from getting the woman he loves now. He is willing to risk all.

At the office, In-jung overhears the trouble Yong-gi and Daehan Construction is in. Yong-gi needs Su-hwan in order to save the company.

In-jung calls Su-hwan on his mobile.
Su-hwan answers the call he has been waiting for his entire life.
He probably set a special ring tone for her.

In-jung swallows her pride and calls Su-hwan on his mobile phone. Su-hwan appears nonchalant, but cannot totally hide his excitement. He answers the call anxiously. In-jung wants to meet Su-hwan to talk and ask him for a favour.

Control macho: Su-hwan is nervous as he observes
his ex-lover
(whom he still has the hots for) approaching.
His heart is beating doubly fast, his palms are
sweaty and he desperately tries to look handsome.

Su-hwan is disappointed that In-jung wanted to meet to ask
him to return to Daehan Construction to help
Yong-gi as a
favour. Su-hwan's hopes shatter and is
probably thinking...darn,
she wants to meet me for this?

Su-hwan agrees to In-jung's request because he reasons that he owes her. Plus he is hoping that all debts will be canceled between her and him so that he might have a second chance with her again.

In the meantime, Yong-gi gets good advice from his late father's former driver - Mr Guardian Angel. Yong-gi accepts the advice graciously and immediately seeks Su-hwan at his hotel.

Mr Guardian Angel advices Yong-gi: In the business world,
you need to sometimes swallow your pride and work
people you don't like.

Su-hwan smugly says, "Oh yes...i was just with
In-jung and she told me about this.
I will help
you because she asked me to. Unlike you, i worked my
way up so i actually know how to manage a company."

Yong-gi is furious and intercepts In-jung on her way home and scolds her for meeting up with Su-hwan and interfering. They are at each others' throats, but it's so obvious that both love each other.

In-jung and Yong-gi exchange a very heated
discussion on a cold wintry night.
[Orchid says: Stop with the fighting and kiss already!]

Yong-gi yells out at In-jung: "Don't you dare meet with
Lee Su-hwan again. And don't you raise your
voice at
me again." Then he drives off in his Beemer.

Su-hwan bumps into Ms Lee Sin-yeong the irritating looking lady who looks like Yong-gi's deceased ex-girlfriend Kim Jo-ann. Ms Lee only wants to make money no matter what the cost. Su-hwan notices her suicide scar on her wrist and starts to scheme. He plans to use this woman to trap Yong-gi - let him think she is actually Kim Jo-ann.

Adulterer now turns into an evil scheming man to get a
woman who not only does not love him,
but hates him.

Ms Lee attempted suicide because she needed $$$.
Su-hwan asks her to lie about her scar to trap Yong-gi
into thinking she is actually Kim Jo-ann.

Su-hwan executes his plan by showing Ms Lee old videos of Yong-gi and Kim Jo-ann. He also introduces Ms Lee to Jo-ann's mother and encourages them to spend time together. Kim Jo-ann's mother is shocked to see the uncanny resemblance of this woman with her late daughter.

Video clip of Yong-gi and his ex-girlfriend

Low-down schemer says: "Watch and learn -
be that woman! Muahahahahaha"

One night, In-jung leaves the office suffering from a stomach ache. She refuses Yong-gi's help, but after taking a few more steps, bents over in pain. Lo and behold, Ms Lee appears out of nowhere to help her.

Introducing Ms Lee: She comes to help In-jung.

Yong-gi is shocked to lay eyes on a woman who looks so
similar to Kim Jo-ann. Schemer Su-hwan in the background

leaning against his car is pleased that his plan is going underway.

P.S: We are liking the Bad Love Soundtrack very much. Anyone else out there thinks the songs are nice?

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Azura said...

Orchid..thanks so much for the post. I've been waiting for it coz i missed it last nite :( and I like the part where you wrote "He probably set a special ringtone for her" hehehe

Liz... I want to be his secretary too! :D

Oh my...what is Suhwan trying to so disappointed with him...

"They are at each others' throats, but it's so obvious that both love each other." - I really hope that they'll be together no matter what happens.

Can't wait for the next episode :D

Gail T. said...

*clutches heart* i enjoy reading your "bad love" summaries, orchid.

Anonymous said...

while liz trying to be yongi's secretary, i'm trying to kill suhwan thru my psychic ability..darn..lowlife!!!

Liz said...

Oh so the exciting! It's so blatantly manipulative...but it's so bad, it's all gooood! *rubs hands in glee*

I still like looking at Lee Su-hwan because Oppa's handsome. Less constipated look, and more control macho looks. yeah, that outta do it.

Also, I'd like to slap In-jung. Thank you.

ksw said...

Although KSW is 3cm more shorter than KSS i really like KSW oppa. He is so hawt.

Arin said...

during the 1st half of the episode,
i really felt sorry for Su-hwan, seriously. but after the evil plot and all, i felt like having a tomato fight with him. (not stones, cos that would be too hard for KSS. lol, im lame. xD)

sheesh, i wonder what would Yong-Gi think about Jo-anne look a like.. (I still can't remember the real name).

another 8 episodes to gooo!
as for now, im guessing that Su-hwan will die later on.
how about a Su-Hwan+In-Jung will die ending? NOOOO! ANIO! >_<

fraulein said...

I love the OST too ; ) I am this close to snapping it up.

* Sigh *.. Yong-gi – intent on making In-jung miserable but still loves her

I have quite the tolerance for weak plots but two unrelated people who look like twins ? Even the woman who gave birth to Joanne didn’t know ?? Or did she give birth to twins and had one taken away without her knowledge ?

I reckon Yong-gi and Mr Guardian Angel have mutual respect for each other. Yong-gi treats him with respect and once told him to scrap hierarchy, which he doesn’t seem to give two hoots about. The latter seems to admire Yong-gi’s guts and devil may care attitude.

Injung – stomach pains again ? Worrying…. Even though I find her downright irritating for creating the needless (as someone said earlier) and emotional barriers between herself and Yong-gi. They could have been so happy together.

After Ju-ran asked Yong-gi for a job at Daehan, I found myself wondering, will all 5 characters end up working there? That would be so weird, not to mention awkward. Suh-wan looks like he’s ready to hire Sin-yeong. And sang-woo oppa may just give his bored sister a job there. Hell will break loose… the penultimate showdown.

I know this has been said before but I really really dislike the Sin-yeong character!

Hmm, another long comment

Orchid said...

oh yeah...Joo-ran wants to go work at Daehan Construction. Forgot to add that in. Too many things happening.

It's quite funny, now everyone wants to go and work in the company.

yay said...

Thanks again for the excellent recap!

You can just tell that Jo-ann look alike is going to be a pest.

I know Su-hwan is evil now but I still feel bad for him...
I blame everything to Ju-ran and her buttfaced mom..

Yong-gi, however, needs to just overcome all the obstacles and MAYBE..just maybe.. In-jung might get her brain cells back.

fraulein said...

LOL @ the "butt faced mum" comment

yay said...


^^ haha you can tell i'm not a very big fan.

fraulein said...


yep i can tell ; )

Orchid said...

alamak! It's Monday night and there's no Bad Love. Some New Year Special is on instead - Soda (사이다). * shucks *

I Korea did they skip one week due to new year programs too. Anyone know?

fraulein said...


Yeah, i rushed home only to catch the new year variety program.

Not sure if they skipped one ep in korea too, it would appear so since seolla is quite a biggie. Full House also skipped one ep last wednesday nite.

Btw does anyone know why they show the "premiere" eps of cruel love at the super ungodly hr of 3 AM ? Is it meant for the folks in the north america /europe since KBS world is shown worldwide?


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